Sustainable Living, Endgame for this Couple – Dhanya & Baggy

“Both Bhargav and I have been big on sustainable living.”

This is not one of your love at first sight stories. It runs deeper. It all started when Dhanya, an IT professional met Baggy, one of south India’s biggest comedians. What started as a friendship very soon (almost immediately) turned into dating. “I have too many friends. But I see you more than a friend and I am attracted to you. So can we date and see where this takes us?” he had said. And just like that, they started dating…

Sustainable Living - Dhanya & Bhargav
Sustainable Living – Dhanya & Bhargav

One step forward

“It helped that Bhargav and I stayed one street away from each other in Besant Nagar. All Bhargav would have had to do is take his dog for a walk and that would turn into a date for us,” said Dhanya. Things moved forward very naturally for the duo. Surprisingly they never had a big fight about anything. Every difference of opinion would be a discussion, an opportunity to grow and understand each other. “We would bond over life, music and most importantly sustainable living. Sustainability is ingrained in our lives from the beginning,” said Dhanya. You’d probably spot Dhanya stop someone from littering. You’d notice Bhargav carrying his own steel straw way before it became a fad. The couple also has a plastic-free house. Minimal swiggy orders, zero food waste and using everything in a way that creates minimal waste is what the couples live by. 

There was no grand proposal

No points for guessing that the proposal was not a normal one. “There was no grand proposal. We decided to get a tattoo together that read ‘Mission 2068’ Inspired from their favourite movie Shawshank Redemption, they know for a fact that life certainly is longer than it is supposed to be. To go through this long life they came up with a plan that will keep them going till the year 2068.

“We’re very sustainable individuals and believe that sustainability can also be for the time you spend on something and not just a plastic-free life.” said Dhanya. So mission 2068 basically represents all their life goals until 2068. 

All about their zero-waste wedding

With their obvious love for sustainable living, their wedding had to be a zero-waste affair. Starting with the wedding gifts to the wedding food, everything was planned in a way that would generate zero waste. Some of the things they did for their wedding were:

  • Replacing water bottles with earthen pots and steel glasses. 
  • Creating a gift registry 
  • Sending out online wedding invitations instead of paper invitations
  • Giving out eco-friendly wedding return gifts 
  • Using a biodegradable packaging for all contents
  • Minimising floral decor

Life goals and Sustainable Living

One of the biggest goals of their mission 2068 is to live the mountain life. “We want to eat what they eat, live the way they live and earn how they earn. That is the real beauty of life,” said Dhanya. While a goal like this is challenging, it is also very exciting.

So this is the story of Dhanya and Bhargav, the couple who talks and loves sustainable living.

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