Tie The Knot With Your Significant Other On These Tamil Marriage Muhurtham Dates 2022

Wedding ceremonies are among the most significant and joyous times in a person’s life. From selecting a good caterer to choosing a photographer, wedding planning is critical to ensuring a happy W-day. One item that remains atop the checklist is ‘When’s the big day?’ Choosing a wedding date not only signifies the start of fresh beginnings, but also the start of bringing two families together. As a result, finding the ideal wedding date becomes critical. Consulting the Shubha Muhurtham days of the Calendar makes your job a lot easier.

If you’re planning on hosting a wedding that falls in accordance with Tamil traditions then consulting the Tamil Calendar is a must.  

Tamizh weddings are all about the magic of early morning ceremonies, silk sarees, floral decor, a traditional ambience, games and galore. Are you planning on tying the knot soon? Look no further!

We’ve compiled a list of the Tamil marriage muhurtham dates 2022 just for you.

Tamil Marriage Muhurtham Dates 2022- January 

This new year, start afresh with the love of your life by your side. According to the Tamil wedding calendar, January has a number of favourable wedding dates.

With the first day of Thai being an auspicious day and four other suitable days in January, the wedding season is off to a strong start. If you’re organising several ceremonies, the 27th – 28th slot is ideal because it’s a long weekend. Listed below are the 2022 Tamil muhurtham dates for marriage 

14th January Friday
20th January Thursday
27th January  Thursday
28th January  Friday

Tamil Marriage Muhurtham Dates 2022- February 

February has a romantic feel to it, whether it’s the lovely weather or Valentine’s Day! Tie the eternal knot with your partner to make this month of love all that more special for you and your companion.  It’ll be impossible to forget an anniversary when it’s close to valentine’s day. This year, there are six muhurtham dates in February. Follow these Tamil wedding dates 2022 for an auspicious start. 

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February 06Saturday
February 11Friday
February 18Friday
February 21Monday
February 25Friday 
February 27Tuesday

Tamil Marriage Muhurtham Dates 2022- March

March ushers in a fragrant, chilly air that heralds the arrival of spring. The beginning of the season is ideal for a fun, relaxed, and stunning wedding ceremony. As per the Tamil wedding calendar, there are three muhurtham dates available this month. So, if you’re planning to tie the knot this season, start planning! You can find the 2022 Tamil muhurtham dates for marriage below.

4th March Friday
9th March Wednesday
10th MarchThursday

Tamil Marriage Muhurtham Dates 2022- April: 

Spring weddings are one of our favourites. The gorgeous pink spring atmosphere, pleasant vibes, and excited guests make us fall even more in love with weddings. April 2022 will be a period full of joys, with up to six wedding dates throughout the month.

We’re back to wedding hopping with two Muhurtham date sets in a row! These Tamil wedding dates 2022 are bound to be the most exciting days in April. 

14th April Thursday
15th April Friday
17th April  Sunday
18th April  Monday
21st April  Thursday
22nd April  Friday

Tamil Marriage Muhurtham Dates 2022- May

2022 has a lot to offer those of you who want to have a lovely summer wedding. Because it’s the beginning of summer, it’s less likely to coincide with other weddings, and you’ll be able to focus on partying rather than organising.

There are up to eight dates available during the hottest month of the year. Don your lightest cotton and linens in delicate pastel shades and prepare to have the most unforgettable day of your life. Listed below are Tamil wedding dates 2022 for the month of May.

11th May Wednesday
12th May Thursday
13th May Friday
18th May Wednesday
20th May Friday
25th May Wednesday
26th May Thursday
27th May Friday

Tamil Marriage Muhurtham Dates 2022- June

June 2022 is once again a lucky month for Tamil weddings. If you’re planning to marry the love of your life this month, you’ll be spoiled for choice (we’re talking about wedding dates!).  Mark these Tamil wedding dates for 2022 on your calendar  Because there’s a good chance you’ll be attending your first ceremony as a married couple the same week!. So plan your wedding such that you can include pre-wedding ceremonies over the weekends!!

1st June Wednesday
6th June Monday
10th June Friday
12th June Sunday
13th JuneMonday
15th June Wednesday
16th June Thursday
22nd June Wednesday
23rd JuneThursday

Tamil Marriage Muhurtham Dates 2022- July: 

July is the last month before the Tamil wedding season ends. There are no wedding dates available in August, September, or October 2022, so take advantage of this opportunity to have the romantic monsoon wedding of your dreams. With so many auspicious Tamil wedding dates available, tying the knot in July will not only be magnificent but also hassle-free.

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3rd July Sunday
4th July Monday
6th July Wednesday
8th July Friday
10th July Sunday
11th July Monday
14th July Thursday
22nd June Wednesday
23rd June 2Thursday

Tamil Marriage Muhurtham Dates 2022- November

After a lengthy hiatus, three Shubh Muhurtham dates in November provide us with a reason to rejoice. If you’re getting married during this month make sure you reserve your wedding venue and other vendors well ahead of time.

With only three days available, several couples are likely to book these dates, making it difficult for you to reserve your vendors for the same days. We’ve listed the  2022 Tamil muhurtham dates for marriage below

20th November Sunday
25th November Friday
27th November  Sunday

Tamil Marriage Muhurtham Dates 2022- December

What better way to usher in a new year than making a commitment to the love of your life? The Tamil Wedding Calendar presents three auspicious wedding dates to help you end the year on a high note. Take a look and get started on your wedding planning right away! Choose as you see fit and you’ll have ample time to plan your beautiful wedding ceremony.

2nd December Friday
4th December Sunday
9th December Friday 

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There you have it! These Tamil Marriage Muhurtham Dates 2022 are said to be especially auspicious- consider having your ceremony on one of these dates for an extra bit of luck in married life. We hope you get to celebrate your big day surrounded by loved ones who are bound to make it even more special. 

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