10 Things You Should Definitely Know about Thank You Notes

Firstly, a hearty congratulations to you! If you are reading this article we know that you are either soon to-be-wed or have already gotten married. A wedding is a celebration where the bride and groom get ample advice and numerous wedding gifts which is greatly appreciated by the couple. however, this appreciation or thankfulness isn’t communicated to the gift giver. This is where the Thank You Notes come in!

It is essential to be thankful to those who are a part of your life and mean a lot to you. And especially to those who are present during the most special moments and days of your life. Everyone knows that a wedding day is the most remarkable day in a person’s life, but it is made special because of the people that are a part of it. Your wedding guests and well-wishers make your day incredible and for this, they must be thanked. Now, you may probably wonder how exactly do you reciprocate your gratefulness to them. Thank you notes are the simple answer to this question!  After all, expressing gratitude to your loved ones should never really be a problem. Right?

Thank You Notes
Thank You Notes

So here are the 10 things that will help and ensure that you have the perfect Thank You Notes for your guests!

#1 What Really Is A Thank you Note? 

Let’s get down to the most basic question—what are thank you notes? This may seem like a foreign concept to you but is now incorporated in many post-wedding traditions. A thank you note expresses gratitude towards your guests for being involved in your special day, for their presence, blessings, and wedding gifts! Because, to be honest, they left everything else they could have done during that time to celebrate your love and relationship. This should definitely be greeted with a sweet and thoughtful thank you note.

#2 Why Should You Send A Thank You Note? 

Well, again, there is no hard and fast rule that a thank you note should be sent but this gesture would make your loved ones feel extremely special. This shows that you were truly thankful for them being present for your special day. Not only should you send a thank you note to your guests but also to the vendors that helped with every aspect of your wedding celebration. They put in a lot of effort in fulfilling your dreams and making it a perfect reality. 

#3 How To Create A Thank You Note? 

Things have gotten far simpler and easier to access, and creating a thank you note is not tricky anymore. You can customize it to your like or design it on apps or relevant software. All you would have to do is take out some time, think about how you want it to look and what it should contain. Voila! You have a thank you note ready. 

Another way of approaching Thank You Notes is going the traditional route. This would definitely take a little more than an hour to create. On the other hand, it’ll show your love and effort. Find the right material and put in the hours to hand write the notes for your guests and vendors. This may be a little taxing but will surely be worth it. The gratification will make all your efforts seem incredible.

#4 Writing Style Of Thank You Notes

You can obviously take any approach that you wish to when writing a thank you note. But what is most followed is customizing it based on the relationship you have with the recipient. For instance, if you are writing a thank you note to your groom squad or bride tribe you would want to make it a little emotional, nostalgic, and thankful for their support. For your vendors, you could take a formal writing approach thanking them for their cooperation and support. If they did a phenomenal job you could even mention that you would recommend their services to their friends and family. This would definitely make them happy. 

#5 Words In A Thank you Note

Your words have a lot of weight, especially on a thank you note. So, when writing down a note, think out loud and try variations in what you have written. Obviously, you do not want to repeat the same thing in every note. It would be monotonous and lack a little bit of emotion. You could even peruse the internet for samples to get inspired and write better. However, there is one thing that you should stray away from, it is mentioning anything negative or about money. That would be a very awkward and not really a thankful note. 

#6 Length Of A Thank you Note

A thank you note should generally not be long, but rather short and crisp. A long thank you note would lose the essence of thankfulness and can end up communicating something else altogether. So, just keep a check on how much you are writing. Your thank you note should not be more than three or four sentences. Precise and direct notes, with hints of emotion, deliver better to your recipients. So, think about what really matters and write it down. 

#7 Different Forms Of Thank you Notes

Now that you are aware of what a thank you note is and the etiquette of writing it, you should know that there are different forms of thank you notes. There are ones that are delivered in person, ones that are sent via post, ones that are emailed and lastly, the thank you call. 

Delivering thank you notes make the process and experience very personal and much appreciated. However, in this modern day and age if you do not use technology it may seem strange so you can, of course, email your thanks to your guests and vendors. This way, they are for sure going to read it because who isn’t on their phone now. A thank you call works in case the person is extremely far away; in another country but isn’t a whole lot personal. This is usually a form that is not always used but if you think this works best for you then go for it.

#8 Thank You Notes Envelope

If you decide to go ahead with the handwritten or typed and printed version of thank you notes then you must also have a pretty envelope that goes with it. That may be a given or an obvious factor to point out but just keep this in mind in case you forget! 

#9 Thank You Notes List

When writing thank you notes, you should keep a list of people to whom you want to send it to. This will ensure a process and help you keep track of how many notes you have to write and if you have already addressed it to that person or family. It is a smart and efficient way of writing thank you notes. 

#10 When Should You Send A Thank You Note? 

Since you are newlyweds it makes sense to take your time while writing these notes because there are many factors to consider. But the decent amount of time to deliver thank you notes rests within two months after you get married. The memories of your wedding are still fresh in the minds of your guests and would make the thank you notes all the more relevant. 

Well, these are the 10 top things that you should know when writing thank you notes. We hope these points are clear and will make your writing experience smooth. Let us know in the comments below if this helped you! 

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