The Best Games for Your Anniversary Party

Marriages, much like fine wine, tend to age beautifully. And every year you spend with your better half needs to be celebrated. So if you’re throwing yourself a nice bash to celebrate yet another year of togetherness,here are some of the best anniversary party games you can choose from. 

anniversary party game
anniversary party game

#1. How well do you know me?

A classic steal from the Karan Johar brand of games, this couples game for anniversary parties is perfect to test your compatibility with your better half. It’s really simple—you create a list of questions that you will ask both partners separately. These questions are designed to see how well you know your partner. So from their favourite movie to their idea of a cheat meal and their first crush, you can ask just about anything. Both partners share their answers separately, and then they have to answer these questions for the other one. Based on how many match the answers given by that person, you get scored. So a perfect 10 score means you know your spouse pretty damn well, whereas a zero shows you have a lot of catching up to do! 

#2. It’s all taboo!

So a really fun game to play in an anniversary party is a couple’s taboo. Taboo is a game where you have to make your partner guess a word without using a list of taboo words that are mentioned on the card. These taboo words are the most common words used to explain the original word. Since you can’t use this, you have to use shared experiences or your understanding with your partner to get them to guess. It’s really fun, easy and can include as many couples as you want. 

#3. Find your spouse

This is also a really fun and easy anniversary party game that literally needs no prep except for a scarf to be handy. How it works is really simple—you blindfold one part of the couple, say the wife. Then you make all the other men stand together and she has to find her husband. Obviously, there is no talking allowed. 

#4. Dance baby dance

Now this one is a throwback to all those kiddy parties we attended in the 90s. The paper dance game translates perfectly to grown-up anniversary parties. Give each couple a newspaper and ask them to dance on it. Each time the music stops, you make the paper smaller. Any couple that steps out the paper is disqualified. The last couple remaining on the paper wins. It’s simple and romantic at the same time. 

#5. Never Have I Ever

If you’re looking to get everyone at the party in ‘high spirits’, literally, this is a great anniversary party game to play. You get everyone to sit in a circle. Each person has to go by line and make any one statement starting with ‘never have I ever’. So for instance, it could be, ‘Never have I ever learnt to salsa’. All those who have take a sip of their drink and all those who haven’t, don’t. It’s a great way to get to know everyone at your party and get them all a little tipsy. 

#6. Sing with me, baby!

And lastly, a really fun and easy anniversary party game is couple’s karaoke. All you have to do is rent a mike or a karaoke machine and invite couples to sing. From cult classics to old Hindi romantic numbers, couples can pick their favourite music and belt it out. The only disadvantage here? Some of your guests may not be the best singers and others who fancy themselves to be Madonna may not let go of the mike! If you’re willing to take that risk, then go on and sing it out. 

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  1. nice ideas for wedding anniversary games. I like the number 6 on the list, sing with me, baby,

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