The Best Wedding Gift Ideas For A Bride Who’s Moving Into A Fully Set Up Home

Wedding gifts are one of the most exciting parts about getting married, and if you’re smart enough to create a gift registry, you know every single gift you get will be one that you love. Usually, when couples create a wedding registry, it’s filled with gifts for their new home. But if you’re moving in with your in-laws, or into a home which already has everything, here are some great gift ideas that you can add to your registry. 

Wedding gift ideas
Wedding gift ideas

Your honeymoon

This is a big one and a fantastic idea for any couple. Everyone likes to go on a getaway post the wedding, and usually couples want this to be steeped in luxury. However, it comes at a significant cost, especially after all the wedding expenses. By adding your honeymoon to your gift registry, you can not only get the vacation of your dreams without spending a penny, but your guests will love to contribute to something that will be a part of your memories for the rest of your life. 

Spa packages 

Weddings are fun for the guests, but super exhausting for the couple, both physically and emotionally. And so a really nice and long couple’s spa post the wedding is not something anyone would refuse. You can add a luxurious treatment to your gift registry and enjoy some much needed TLC! 

Gift vouchers

However much your home is set up, you’ll realise in the first few weeks of moving in that there are certain things you want to add. So it’s always nice to get some vouchers to your favourite stores. That way, when the need arises, you know you can get exactly what you want without spending on it. 


You’ll probably be getting a lot of jewellery on your wedding anyway, but most of the things you get are really elaborate. However, if you like, you can add some delicate everyday pieces to your registry and have guests contribute to it. In India, everyone loves gifting jewellery anyway, and it will be an asset for you, for life. 


Couples tend to entertain a lot more once they’re married and if you plan to have your friends and family home often, then you can always add some nice barware to your gift registry. 


From a new phone or laptop to a fancy coffee machine you’ve got your eye on, this is the perfect time to splurge on things you want, but wouldn’t necessarily spend on. If you don’t have any necessities on your list, then add the luxuries you’ve been dreaming about to your gift registry. 


The most basic and useful gift to add your registry, if you truly can’t think of items you want, just ask your guests to contribute cash. And you can use this to buy whatever you like, as you settle into your new life. 


And finally, if you have decided you really want nothing for your wedding but blessings, then know that the truth is guests will gift you something anyway. So add a cause you truly support with your heart and have your guests contribute to that. It is the best way of getting endless blessings and starting your new life on a truly beautiful note. 

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