The Essential Pregnancy Shopping List For Expecting Moms! 

If you’re expecting your little one soon, then we’re sure you must be over the moon. Just imaging those little feet and toes, the chubby cheeks and toothless smile, can make your heart melt. So it’s not surprising that you want to buy everything in the world to prepare for your baby’s arrival. But hold on, because right now it’s all about you—the mom-to-be! Start your shopping by focussing on yourself, because a healthy and happy momma is sure to have a healthy and happy baby!

Here’s the essential list of things you need to buy when pregnant! 

A pregnancy journal

These will be the most memorable and beautiful 9 months of your life, and you want to preserve every memory. Get a journal and start journaling so you never forget the little joys you experienced. 

Pregnancy books

This is also the best time to arm yourself with all the information needed on infant care, so you are fully ready (or as much as you can be) when the baby arrives. The ‘What to Expect’ series of books are a great starting point. 

A gentle electric toothbrush

Not many of you know this, but your teeth and gums become overly sensitive during pregnancy and you should take extra care to protect them. A good and gentle toothbrush is a must on your list! 

Pregnancy Pillow

As your belly grows in size, it can become uncomfortable to sleep on your sides. A good pregnancy pillow offers extreme relief and helps you rest better. And a well-rested mom is just what the doctor ordered. 

Stretch marks cream

Stretch marks are like your worst nightmares—they’ll come if they have to and there is little you can do about it. But using a good stretch marks cream from the very beginning helps keep your belly hydrated and less prone to extreme marks. 

Chemical-free beauty & skincare

When you are pregnant, everything you use on your skin or scalps absorbs into your body and bloodstream and therefore reaches your child. So its advisable to switch to chemical free products for this duration. 

Maternity wear

Yay! Another excuse to shop for some fabulous clothing. As your bump becomes bigger, it may become difficult for you to fit into your usual clothing. So invest in some great and comfy maternity wear. 

Maternity belly band

An expanding tummy can be very uncomfortable for moms and a good belly band not only helps support the area, it’s also generally good for the belly. Invest in one that you can continue using post-delivery to tighten the stomach. 

Comfy shoes

Pregnancy can lead to swollen feet and sometimes even a marginal increase in your foot size. Also, you have to be extra careful while walking because your centre of gravity shifts. So getting yourself a comfortable pair of flats is always a good idea. 

Maternity bras

As your pregnancy grows, so do your breasts. And your bras may feel oddly tight and uncomfortable. Invest in maternity bras that feel better more relaxed! 

And have a happy pregnancy! 

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