The Gift Scanner

Can you even imagine how scary it would be if all wedding gifts received at the ceremony would go through inspection? Would you honestly be proud of the gift you got, or would want to slink away slyly to avoid the embarrassment? We capture this hypothetical journey in a hilarious fashion, to address the very genuine problem of recycled wedding gifts in India and the need for a wedding gift registry. 

Weddings in India are a grand affair. Hundreds, if not thousands are invited to the celebration, there is food and dance and drink and so much more. And along with all of that, there are gifts… so many of them. And most of them that will never really be used, but rot in a cupboard till they can be regifted. 

While this has sort of become the culture in India, in most cases the guest would genuinely like to give the couple something they would love. However, in the grand scheme of Indian weddings, the guest very rarely knows the couple personally and therefore has no idea what they would want. In such a case, it just becomes easier to either recycle a gift they received, or get them something ‘generic’ like a lamp or a bowl. In both cases, the couple gets stuck with gifts they have no need for. 

Enter wedding gift registry, the easiest and smartest way to make sure that every gift the couple receives is loved by them and makes the guests’ life easier. The couple creates a wishlist of things they would like to receive. This could vary from things they need to set up their new home, experiences, cash or even their honeymoon. They integrate this into a beautiful wedding website that has all their wedding details, and share with guests. Guests can then buy or contribute towards any gift on this list. When the celebrations are over, all the gifts get delivered to the couple. 

The benefits of a registry are many. For starters, the couple enjoys every gift they receive instead of worrying about storing non-useable gifts. They also save a ton of money as they get the things they would have had to buy otherwise. And they can have the gifts delivered to them post the celebration, eliminating the need to manage and transport all the gifts received at the wedding. 

On the other hand, guests love the convenience of knowing exactly what the couple wants, can get them a gift that fits exactly in their budget and do so without having to even step out. In times of the pandemic, when one has to attend functions virtually, this becomes even more useful for them. 

So next time you’re attending a wedding, you don’t have to worry about how your gift will be perceived. Ask the couple to create a wedding gift registry and make sure the gift you get them is one they will love and cherish. Create a free wedding gift registry on