The Top Wedding Vendors Of 2023 — Your Dream Team 

2023 is the year of weddings in India. We all know that Indian weddings are a grand affair, big fat Indian weddings are a real thing. Even if there are some couples who are not into the whole schbang of celebrating their wedding on an extravagant level, everyone dreams of having the perfect wedding. And to this, we have to say that we got you, we have your back. We know that you and your partner have waited two years for this day to come. We know how stressful this must have been for you both, hence, we took it upon us to share the top wedding vendors of 2023. This dream team will encompass of vendors from across India that will cover the various aspects of the wedding. Of course, you will have to check if they fit within your budget, but for you we have scouted the best. Scroll down below and read the recommendations, hopefully you are able to find your perfect matches, for the wedding dream team. 

Wedding Photographer

photographs at weddings capture the essence of the celebration. The best photographers know what exact moments need to be captured, whether you and your partner can pose or not, your wedding photographs will be of top-notch quality. These photographers know the emotions that are experienced on the wedding day, and will deliver exactly what they promise. Additionally, they are well recommended so you know that other couples have loved their work too. 

Lumiere Wedding Company

this vendor hails from Kochi, Kerala. The wedding photographers from ‘Gods own country’ deliver nothing but the best. They are passionate about documenting every moment at a wedding and capture every emotion and essence, such that when you look back at their work you would feel like you are back in that exact moment, reliving it all. Want to know more about them, check their profile here.

The Wedding Story

Once you come across this Mumbai based vendor, your heart will forever be set on them. Their photographs and videos capture so much emotion and so much love, that you are in awe, perpetually. No words are enough to describe how much joy this wedding photographer brings to faces. If you are ready to encounter a passionate and spectacularly photographic world, click here

Ramit Batra Photography

The hustle and bustle of life is all forgotten the moment you see the soul-capturing photographs by this vendor. If you look at his work, you know you are looking at a ‘happily ever after’.

Wedding Planners and Decorators

these words go as synonyms. In current times, decorators offer the same services as planners. They have a range of services that they offer, they customize and cater it as per your needs, requirements and budget. The below vendors have raging reviews across India, and have also planned some celebrity weddings too. Get ready to fall in love, because these vendors have some scintillating work profiles. 

The Wedding Design Company

this New Delhi vendor will simply take your breath away, and we truly mean this. Their designs and work are stunning. One look at their profile and their work, and you will be swimming in an endless possibility dream of everything you want done for your wedding. Imagination is not enough, this is their profile, check it out ASAP.

Shaadi Squad

they hear you, and completely visualize the wedding board you imagined. A dream brought to life aptly describes how incredible the team of Shaadi Squad truly is. Curious to know more about these incredible vendors, here is their profile

Devika Narain and Company

this Lucknow based wedding vendor gets everything done and on a sustainable level! The wedding industry is huge, the possibilities are endless but it is all possible in a sustainable manner. Devika and her team will help achieve it all and in a beautiful and glamorous way.

Wedding Makeup Artists

a great makeup artist can work wonders, really it is magic. And we don’t mean in the sense that they would completely change the way you look. No, they will accentuate your face in such a beautiful manner that you will just adore yourself (as you should!). Below are some recommendations of makeup artists that have the ‘golden touch’, if you are able to connect with them and they fall within your budget then seriously do not look back. 

Shalini Singh

gorgeous brides, all around her. This Delhi based vendor has magic fingers, every bride looks stunning and very refreshed, this makeup artist can certainly create the perfect dewy bridal look. Find the look that you want for your wedding, by going through her profile; here.  

Priya Todarwal

this Mumbai based vendor has been a makeup artist for around 17 years, which gives her a strong edge over many. If you are looking for a vendor who is as passionate as Priya, then do not hesitate and check her profile out now. 


to have her as a wedding makeup artist means that you have won the lottery. Sukanya’s work is impeccable and drop-dead gorgeous. If that is exactly what your aim is through your look at your wedding, then this Goa based vendor is the way to go. If you want to reach out to here, check her profile out.  

Teamwork makes the dream work, and your dream is to have the perfect wedding. With these above-mentioned vendors, we know that there is nothing that can go wrong. Go with your gut and your budget, after all it is your wedding! 

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