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“All you need is love. And this Checklist” – Wedding Wishlist

Yes, you can quote us on that! Wedding planning is a journey where every bride treads the fine line between bride and bridezilla. Managing never ending to-dos, appointments, RSVPs and outfits while still retaining the bridal glow can be exhausting. But fret not, for we’ve got the perfect tool to help you navigate this period like a pro, with everything you need at your fingertips! Here’s why our free Wedding Planning Checklist is a must-have for every bride:

It’s designed for Indian weddings!

Seems kind of obvious? Well, surprisingly not, as this is the first checklist designed keeping Indian weddings in mind. Most online wedding planning checklists cater to Western couples and fail to make space for all the details and functions of a mega-Indian wedding. After all, how does it help to have rehearsal dinner planning on your Checklist when you’re struggling to coordinate the mehendi and sangeet. And while no wedding is complete without our BFFs, picking bridesmaid outfits rarely makes it to a task list in India! Our checklist keeps you on top of every Indian detail, from your mehendi artists and pundits to the sangeet choreographer!

wedding planning checklist

It’s customizable!

Let’s admit it. The best part about Indian weddings are cultural nuances that come with different regions and communities. And since no two weddings are the same, why should your wedding planning checklist be? You can make this checklist entirely your own by adding tasks and ceremonies specific to your wedding. And given the big fat Indian wedding, you don’t have to restrict yourself to a certain number of functions—your checklist  can be as minimal or elaborate as the wedding itself.

It offers solutions & ideas!

Keep looking at an ever-increasing list of tasks and it’s more likely to give you stress than relief! And that’s why our checklist does so much more. Each task is linked to relevant ideas, tips and suggestions. It also links to a vendor library where you can find the perfect team to fit your requirements and budgets. And for the areas you’re truly clueless about, you can write to our wedding advisors for expert advice.

And yes, it’s still free! So what are you waiting for?  Download the wedding planning checklist now and make wedding planning the fun journey it’s meant to be!

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