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Capturing a moment is never as easy as it looks, and recording a whole day filled with them is a task for a professional. Whether you opt for formal portraits, good old fashioned group shots, or candid glimpses – the person behind the camera is often as important to your big day as the people in front of it.

Here are a few points to consider while choosing from a variety of talented wedding photographers:


Tell me what YOU want (what you really, really want): It’s important for you to be able to communicate with your photographer. Not just in terms of being able to pick up the phone and call him/her, but to convey what you really want from your wedding pictures. Want something quirky and fun? Romantic and traditional? Make sure your photographer interprets your wedding ideas correctly.

Check Them Out: It’s essential that you scope out your potential photographer’s previous body of work. This will not only ensure that you’re picking someone competent, but it might also give you some new wedding photography ideas. Ask him/her to bring their portfolio to the meeting. You can also check out their social media pages for more information.


Get To Know Each Other: Make sure that you meet your photographer ahead of your big day. This should be high on your wedding planning checklist! The reasons for this are twofold – you will be spending one of the most stressful days of your life with this person (who will be capturing your every move), and it’s much easier if you are comfortable with one another. Additionally, an informal chat can also help them determine what to expect and be more prepared for the event. The better you understand each other, the better the pictures will be!

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Money, Money, Money: Always know your budget and include a margin for negotiation. Seek out photographers you can afford. Most established photographers have standard rates, which take into consideration the location, hours of work, and type of photography you require. If you’re looking for good wedding gift ideas – your search ends here! You can include your wedding photography packages in your registry, and get your friends and family to help you pay for the pictures.

Cover All Your Bases: Discuss all potential costs upfront and plan for every contingency. The last thing you want to do is haggle over prices on your special day. Some photographers will even create your wedding albums for you, which might cost you an extra fee.

Remember, this is supposed to be one of the most important and happy days of your life. Choose a photographer you can trust, and just try to enjoy the occasion. With the right kind of photographs, you can relive those memories for years to come – a worthwhile investment indeed.

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