Five Things No One Will Tell You About Getting Married!

So the D day is almost here, and you have been ticking off the checkboxes one by one? Well, we have a big one for you right here that you need to know NOW if you are a bride to be. We all know that life changes quite a bit once you get married!

Married Couple- Rubah & Sid
Married Couple- Rubah & Sid

Here are a few ways in which your life is going to be different once you get married! 

#1. You will be hosting a lot of guests. Like, A Lot

With most of us living with friends, flatmates, or in hostels, getting married means moving to your first proper space. With an actual drawing room and often also a spare room! As your circles merge, you will be surprised at the number of people you’ll be hosting at your home. Even on weekdays sometimes, and especially if you live in a central metropolitan city. Not only does this translate into less time to spend with each other, but it also comes with its own set of physical, mental, and financial tolls to take. And it might get a bit too much to deal with.

But hey, it’s alright! In the end, you’ll always have each other to crib about and hold on to as people keep swishing in and out of your house!

#2. Your parents will act weird for some time. Let them come around

We all know that the times were really different when our parents got married in the 18th century or so. Practically nothing- relationships, marriages, finances, careers, and gender roles work the way now as they used to in their times. Though our parents mostly do a good job of evolving with the times, you getting married is going to be first for them. They might take some time to readjust to the changes in your life. A lot of newly married couples feel their parents try to overcompensate their traditional role of being the groom’s/bride’s parents too literally once they get married. Others face issues with parents not realizing the need to give their children space and freedom in their marriage.

Wherever on this spectrum, your parents are, trust us, it will get better, and you won’t feel the same way for long. Once they see you happy, they eventually will figure out their way back to normalcy.

#3. Get used to the royal treatment of the Son in Law

Consider this fair warning in advance! Generations of patriarchy have created this system where a man gets way more due for work done by both the partners especially once they are married. Things are changing a lot around this and a lot of men do acknowledge their “Raja Beta” privileges. More women are calling out this, but there is no denying the toll it might take on you as a couple.

This is especially visible if you have grown up in a sisters only household, where the gender-based distinction of praiseworthiness did not exist. Or a brothers only household, where there has been no evolutionary update in terms of gender roles.  Our advice- understand that it’s the system and not the people who are doing this, and pick your battles wisely.

#4. You will have to put in more efforts to stay in touch with your friends

This is something that needs to be said. While it’s understandable that with so much changing in your life, hanging out with friends might not be the easiest plan. At least for the initial few months! But don’t take your friendships for granted and make an effort to stay in touch with your friends. Your spouse is going to be one of the most important in your life that doesn’t have to mean leaving behind friends who always had your back.

Yes, getting married is a big change for you. But their bestie getting married is a big change for them as well. While they step back letting you rearrange your life and priorities after marriage, make sure you take a step ahead to make them feel important too, from time to time. 

#5. People will ask intrusive questions All the Time

This one shouldn’t be a surprise, really. In Indian society, people ask intrusive questions all the time anyway. Still,getting married opens the floodgates to a lot of strange, obtuse, and weird questions that will test your patience. How is married life, when are the babies coming, how much cash did you get at the wedding, when are you buying an apartment and so on. But don’t worry, we have your back on these. Here are some ready-made witty responses for you to tackle these super annoying intrusive questions. Just smile and hit them smoothly with one of your quips and you’ll sail through.

Still, Having last-minute marriage jitters? Check out our blogs for more relationship and wedding advice, and if you still haven’t created a wedding registry to keep things easy and super manageable on your wedding day, do give us a try!

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