3 Love Stories and Why the Couples Created a Gift Registry

3 couples. 3 stories. 3 beautiful weddings. But there was one common thread that helped them all have an unforgettable wedding—they all chose to be smart and created a gift registry for their wedding. Read on for their beautiful love story, how they celebrated their big day and why the gift registry made their wedding extra special. 

Kamalakannan & Madhu

When Kamalakannan met Madhu it was.. err… not love at first sight. The duo had known each other from college. Yeah! Having been together in college for about 4 years, the couple got close to each other only after their placement in the same company. Luckily, they ended up in the same project location. This got them closer and as they say, the rest is history.  

A year later families got involved and things escalated from dating to engagement to marriage as quickly as it could get. “At first our parents were hesitant, but after some time they realised we were the right choice for each other. It was clear to them that we were meant to be married,” says Madhu.

Gift Registry Couple - Kamalakannan & Madhu
Gift Registry Couple – Kamalakannan & Madhu

The couple got married in a very traditional setting with rituals and functions that lasted for 7 days. From getting dressed and living as a farmer to transferring rice to the bride, the couple diligently followed all customs. The one new (and essential) tradition they did sign on to was the wedding gift registry.

Why gift registry?

“I had 2 things on my mind when it came to adding wedding gifts to my gift registry—they had to be useful, loved and cherished. And they had to be budget-friendly for our guests,” says the bride. 

Like most couples, both the bride and groom were on-board with the idea of a gift registry from the beginning. While Kamalakannan’s side took a little convincing, it was a cakewalk to get  Madhu’s family on-board. “Our family and friends ended up liking the gift registry a lot. What could have been an exercise of opening gifts that we probably wouldn’t use, turned into a fun activity.” It made their thank-you notes so much more heartfelt. 

Amit & Mansi

They say, “Love might be around you all the time but you will see it only when the time is right.” Cupid was right by Amit’s side all along. Amit’s business partner, who happened to be Mansi’s friend introduced the two and set them up on a blind date. “One date led to another and a couple of days later we were deciding how we should be living together,” says Amit.  Having moved to India after staying for a couple of years in Australia, he found his soulmate back in his hometown, a sweet coincidence that was meant to happen.

Gift Registry Couple - Amit and Mansi
Gift Registry Couple – Amit and Mansi

Why gift registry?

“It was me who pushed for a registry at the wedding. I was familiar with the concept because of attending weddings in Australia. When I looked for the same here I found Wedding Wishlist. Their cash registry feature is something I loved,” says the groom.  Amit and Mansi decided to set up their new home with wedding gifts from people they loved.  

While they stuck to a gift registry only for close friends, they regretted not sending it to the rest of the guests. “Had I sent my registry to the rest of my guests, managing physical gifts at the venue wouldn’t have been such a bummer.” 

Here’s to a couple who decided to love their wedding gifts rather than re-gift it. 

Sreemoyee & Snehajit

Sreemoyee and Snehajit, just like Kamalakanan & Madhu met at work. Some idle time in office and a basic conversation was the start of their love story. Just some time well spent and they fell in a love that would bind them together forever.

They say true love becomes stronger with obstacles. After a while, it was time to let the parents know. “They weren’t in agreement about the relationship at first. But after our move to Bangalore, they accepted the fact that we really wanted to be with each other,” says Sreemoyee.

Sreemoyee and Snehajit Wedding Gifts
Gift Registry Couple – Sreemoyee & Snehajit

Why gift registry?

Sreemoyee was clear from the beginning that even though she didn’t have much say in the wedding planning, her wedding gifts would be hers to choose. “Our families were very supportive of the decision of creating a wedding gift registry,” says the happy bride.

These 3 couples decided to do the smart thing and asked for gifts they wanted. They were happy, their guests were happy and that eliminated the chances of their wedding gifts being re-gifted. 

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