The Top 15 People for Wedding Photography in Chennai

wedding photographers in Chennai
Top 15 Wedding Photographers in Chennai

Are you planning your great Indian wedding in Chennai? We’ve compiled a list of The top 15 people for wedding photography in Chennai just for you! 

Whether you’re looking for a wedding photography service in Chennai for a beach pre-wedding shoot, or someone to cover your exotic wedding rituals or just want really amazing D-day candid pictures to last you a lifetime, our list encompasses all. 

Selecting a wedding photographer for your wedding can be an intimidating process. More so because it’s easy to get confused by the number of choices available in the market. But for this special occasion, you wouldn’t want to take any chances and that is why we have compiled the ‘best of the best’ list just for you. So without any further ado, take a plunge and explore the amazing options available to you in your town. 

#1. Dilipan Photography 

We love how the Dilipan Photography team manages to capture the opulence and grandeur of an Indian wedding setup. From their beautiful bridal portraits to candid bridal entries, their photography artwork is all about thoughtful storytelling. 

Facebook Page: Dilipan Photography  

#2. Zero Gravity

Known as one of the best wedding photography services in Chennai, Zero Gravity does spectacular wedding portraitures. We especially love their wedding teasers or audio-visual compilations that capture the love stories fabulously. 

Facebook Page: Zero Gravity

#3. Creative Wedding Photography

The most unique thing about Creative Wedding Photography is how effortlessly they capture all the emotions. Their photographs are immersive visual experiences that will make you relive your big day every time you go through your photo albums. 

Facebook Page: Creative Wedding Photography

#4. Studio 31 – Soulful Wedding Photography & Films

Founded by Pranesh Padmanabhan, this wedding photography company in Chennai, true to its name aims to capture the soul of your wedding tale. Whether it is love and laughter, or chaos and colors, the team believes in working through each frame in detail to create the most memorable memories for you. 

Facebook Page:  Studio 31 – Soulful Wedding Photography & Films

#5. Fifth Angle Studios

If you are looking for artistic wedding photography in Chennai that blends creativity with camera technology then look no further than Fifth Angle Studios. We like the way they record every wedding ritual to collect the essence of your wedding day. Other than this, we also love their innovative pre-wedding shoots. 

Facebook Page:  Fifth Angle Studios

#6. FocuzStudios

FocuzStudios is all about collecting the magical moments on film. Their wedding films are breathtaking not just for the exceptional cinematography techniques but also because of the wonderful storytelling. If you get them on board, we guarantee you’ll watch your wedding film videos again and again. 

Facebook Page :  FocuzStudios

#7. Suganthan Tholappan Photography

If you’re looking for someone to do really interesting pre-wedding music videos as part of your wedding photography in Chennai. Opt for Suganthan Tholappan Photography,  we really like their cinematography and fast-paced edits. They are also awesome with candid wedding photography. 

Facebook Page : Suganthan Tholappan Photography

#8. Ashwin Th-Clicker Photography

If getting a technologically advanced wedding photographer in Chennai is your priority, then check out Ashwin Th-Clicker Photography. They work with the latest technology and state-of-art equipment. They also specialize in flying cams and live streaming. 

Facebook Page: Ashwin Th-Clicker Photography

#9. Siraj Khan Photography

They are a team of talented cinematographers who go out of their way to capture all the action on your wedding day. We really like their outdoor pre-wedding shoots too. 

Facebook Page: Siraj Khan Photography

#10. AA Photography @Ashokarsh

If you’re looking for a contemporary take on your wedding photography in Chennai, we recommend AA Photography @Ashokarsh. Their candid photography is known for its aesthetic quality. We love their bright and vibrant frames and playful use of light in each photograph. 

Facebook Page: AA Photography @Ashokarsh

#11. Dark Chamber Studio

 A group of photographers with a passion to tell wedding stories. We are fond of their wedding videos that showcase the beauty of rituals of an Indian wedding. If you have a traditional wedding coming up in Chennai, Dark Chamber studio might be a great choice for you. 

 Facebook Page: Dark Chamber Studio

#12. Crackjack Photography

If you are looking at eye catchy visuals that will define your fairytale wedding photography in Chennai, look no further. There is an ethereal character to all the wedding films by Crackjack Photography.  Their wedding imagery is partly photojournalistic in nature and partly magical. 

Facebook Page: Crackjack Photography

#13. Candid Red Studios

Candid Red Studios brings in a stylistic and fashionable approach to their wedding photography. Hailed as one of the most well-known wedding photography service in Chennai, they aspire to achieve artistic expression through their work. So it’s no surprise that we love their creative compositions! 

 Facebook Page: Candid Red Studios

#14. Signatures by Sriram Raghu

Sriram Raghu is highly influenced by Tamil Cinema and strives to capture true emotion through his work. He along with his team are continuously on the lookout for the right moment to freeze.  Their style is more spontaneous aimed at collecting the best memories of your D-day. 

 Facebook Page: Signatures by Sriram Raghu

#15. Vipin Photography

We especially like the pre-wedding shoots by Vipin Photography. Their wide shots in architectural settings create the magical grandeur of love stories visually. And, yet the best part is that they offer post-wedding services for those of you who want to continue capturing your beautiful love stories. 

Facebook Page: Vipin Photography

So that was the list of 15 people for wedding photography in Chennai. You can take your pick according to your own specific requirements and budgets. If you wish to check out the best wedding photographers in India, you can visit: Wedding Wishlist

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