Top Wedding Trends For Winter 2023! 

If you’re planning to get married later this year, then these are the wedding trends you need to know and imbibe for an unforgettable wedding ceremony! Here’s everything you need to know about having an on-trend wedding in the winter of 2023. 

Wedding Trends For Winter 2023
Wedding Trends For Winter 2023

God is in the details 

One of the major trends for 2023 is a focus on detailing. Couples are moving away from going big and basic and now moving their focus on doing this small but statement. It’s no longer about having 100 dishes on your menu, but making sure that every dish there is, is perfectly crafted and plated. And if you’re thinking gifts, it’s not about pomp and show but about customisation and packaging. Basically, do less but do it well is the motto of 2023. 

It’s only about love

And by that we mean the creation and curation of your guestlist. A blessing in disguise that we have the pandemic to thank for, the days of 1000 people weddings are gone. Today, couples want their wedding to be an intimate affair with only the people they truly love to attend. The idea is to elevate the experience for a special few rather than having a mass celebration for everyone. 

Virtual weddings 

This is probably the biggest trend of the year and you have to jump onboard. The pandemic has shown couples how they can use technology to make their weddings more special and cost friendly at the same time. From live streaming your ceremony for the guests who can’t attend to creating a website to update everyone on wedding details, there is so much you can do. 

Daytime weddings

Another big trend that is ready to explode this winter is that of daytime weddings. As outdoor weddings became popular in the pandemic, it translated into beautiful day weddings in the open for winters. If you have a beautiful location, all you need is your mandap and guests can enjoy the winter sun, the great light and the beauty of your venue. 

Gift registries

A trend that’s been gaining steam over the last few years has become a norm this year. If the pandemic taught us anything, it was to be conscious about our savings, be kind to planet and avoid wastage. And a gift registry helps do all of that by eliminating repeat gifts, and making sure everything you get is what you want. Charity registries that support a cause have also become very popular for couples. 

Destination weddings 

We’ve all been in lockdown for too long and now with revenge travel spiking, couples are choosing to do destination weddings so their guests can also get a chance to escape everyday life. From hills to beaches and palaces, couples have left no place unexplored when it comes to wedding venues. 

Virtual invites 

Printed wedding cards can be relegated to the museums as virtual invites have become the only choice for couples. The idea of spending huge amounts of money on printed invites, managing the logistics of shipping them, avoiding hand delivering due to covid restraints and worrying about how to communicate any change of plans have put couples off the idea of printed invites. Beautiful virtual invites are easy to create, distribute and update.

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