Tragic Yet Beautiful Love Stories from History

The human race is the most interesting in the galaxy, and our history provides some of the greatest stories ever told. Some of those stories are love stories — including, but not limited to, Romeo & Juliet & even Achilles & Patroclus. In history, we find many couples defying the ways of society, beating all odds and coming together, and keeping alive the spirit of togetherness for eternity. However tragic the story gets, true love always triumphs. 


Here are some couples whose story has survived the test of time is what makes their love even more meaningful.  

#1. Nurjahan and Jahangir

Of course! We have all heard and learned about this couple. It was love at first sight for them. Nurjahan, a recent widower, met shajahan, the only son of Emperor Akbar. This couple can broadly be considered as today’s power couple. Jahangir married multiple times. She was his most favorite wife and even bestowed upon her many high powers. She enjoyed the power to rule by the side of Jahangir and many edicts sing their praises. Sadly during this period, women were not allowed to do many things and the achievements traversed by the couple together were not documented. Nurjahan thus became a blimp in Jahangir’s biography 

#2. Laila Majnu

A tragic story that began amongst the Turks. This couple did not get the happy ending that we are all promised when we dare to love. Majnu, otherwise known by his birth name as Qays, the poet wrote many poems for his one true love, Laila. The poems tell us the depths of love that Qays had for Laila. They fell in love when they were children. When Qays asked her father for her hand, her father denied it and got her married off to a wealthy businessman. Although this man was good to Laila, her heart always was with Qays. Although they did not get to live their life together. Their story stays immortalized together amongst all of us through Qays infamous love poems.

#3. The Butterfly Lovers (china)

With the name, you would presume that the story would be beautiful. Flowers are butterflies everywhere. In reality, it’s not. It’s a tale of two individuals who study together, grow together, and eventually fall in love with each other. But it’s too late. Zhu(the girl) is sworn to another family by her parents. Hearing this Lang (the boy) is not only physically affected but mentally as well. His health has deteriorated to a great extend and eventually succumbs to it. To give her respects Zhu visits the grave. Prays to the gods that just one more time let her see him. The gods are moved by this gesture of her undying love and grants her wish. they meet one last time in their physical form and once the time had come to an end, they quickly turn into butterflies. Ever since then they have never parted says the legend. 

With all these stories one thing comes forward most predominantly, love isn’t like any other emotion or materialistic thing. Although it is put through multiple trials and tests over time it does not weaken, it only gets stronger! 

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