Unique Ideas For A Theme Wedding 

Who wants a regular wedding when you can transport yourself and your guests into your dream make belief world? What could be better than creating a wedding theme that speaks to a combined love that you and your husband share? And how fun would it be to get your creative hats on and do something your guests will not only love but remember for years to come? 

Wedding Theme
Wedding Theme

Welcome to the world of theme weddings—here are some of the most unique, fun and interesting ideas for the couple who isn’t afraid to experiment! 

Bridgeton meets Jodhaa Akbar 

Ok, so if you are a Bridgeton fan (and who isn’t really), this is a great theme to have for your wedding. From the opulent palaces to the elaborate costumes and jewellery, India as a destination lends itself perfectly to this theme. To make it easier for your guests, you can give it a slightly Indian-royal vibe, and Season 2 of Bridgerton has enough references to that effect. Host a ball, play vintage outdoor games and have everyone wear a fascinator or hat—could it get more fun? 


Wondering how it translates into a wedding theme? Well, have a wedding where consciousness is a part of every planning decision. So the idea here is to think through everything and create an experience for your guests that is kind to the environment, waste-free, mindful and, basically, conscious. You can source from local vendors, employ underprivileged communities to do the backend work, avoid wastage, use eco-friendly decorative materials and more. Trust us, every small step counts. 

Rustic Outdoors 

Those who love the outdoors will find this theme a natural fit. But you can do this with a twist and adopt a farm-fresh approach to this. Think outdoor venue, rustic décor, live band, bales of hay to sit on and fresh farm produces used to create the menu. You can amp it up with a dress code that’s easy and outdoor-friendly and organise some fun games for guests to participate in. 

Ice, Ice baby

Having a winter wedding? Amp it up with an icy cool theme. From ice sculptures to silver and blue dominating the décor, there is lots that you can do to make this theme come alive. Create a winter wonderland, put up hundreds of outdoor fairly lights and turn the venue into something magical. Guests can snuggle up and enjoy the vibe. You can even use fake snow for one of the events and truly transport your guests into a winter wonderland. 

Enchanted Garden 

This is a theme that is a stunning visual treat, if you choose to go for it. Think garden of Eden and transform your venue into this magical, whimsical space. Think flowers everywhere, from the celing to floor and even the table toppers and backdrop. Create dense arrangements so guests walking in feel transported into another magical world. Using a lot of lights will add so much more to the look and feel. Play up the nature vibe with outdoor venues.

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