Unique Registry Gifts That Your Guests Will Love Buying for You!

One of the best things about getting married is the gifts that you get! And if you’re smart enough to do a gift registry, then you know you’ll love every single one of them. But when creating a gift registry, one has to make sure it’s the perfect wedding gift list—something that you love, but also something your guests would be thrilled to contribute to. Here are some unique registry gift ideas that will definitely be loved by all your guests and you! 

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A honeymoon:

Let’s hit pause on the physical gifts for just a minute. Adding you honeymoon to your gift registry is a great idea. It is one of the most special holiday a couple shares together and everyone wants it to be memorable. And guests would love to contribute to your honeymoon because they know how much it will mean to you. On the other hand, you get to save a lot of money by having this gifted to you. So it’s a win-win for everyone.



Very often, couples truly don’t want gifts on their big day and are happy with an abundance of blessings. However, loved ones will still insist on getting you something. And if you don’t have a wedding gift list at hand, these will probably end up being things you’ll never use. And that’s a waste of your guests’ money and time. But adding a cause you support to your registry gifts can be a fantastic way of everyone getting what they want—your guests can contribute to the cause in the form of a wedding present and you get blessings by helping those in need. And all that money that would have been wasted is now used to enrich the world around us. 

A fund for your new home:

Marriage is the ultimate form of adulting, and it comes with responsibilities like getting your own home, investing and saving. And if you too dream of buying your own place, then you can use your registry gifts to set up a fund for the new house. Guests can contribute any amount they like, and given the number of guests that are a part of an Indian wedding, even small contributions can add up to a significant amount. 



Most older people in India still have a mindset of gifting things that have a long term value. Just ask your grandma if she would rather get you jewellery or that wine chiller you love, and you’ll know what we’re talking about. So add some investment pieces to your wedding gift list and have guests contribute. You can pick jewellery you’d love to wear and your family can have the satisfaction of knowing they got you something of lasting value. 


If you’re moving into a new home post wedding, it’s very likely that you’ll be looking at decorating. And there is nothing like good art to completely lift up your home. And good art lasts for a long time, making it a memorable gift for your loved ones to get you. So add it to your registry gifts and have your guests contribute. 

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