Unique Wedding Gifts for Fun-Loving and Millennial Couples

wedding gifts for fun loving couple
Unique Wedding Gifts for Fun-Loving-Couple

Modern couples love to travel, Netflix and chill and document their lives on social media which is why they deserve unique wedding gifts. Silver coins and fancy dinnerware are too old school, and the new generation has moved on to more exciting and technologically advanced things.

Here are the top 10 unique wedding gift ideas for new generation couples –

#1. Couple’s Spa

Weddings these days are filled with fun, laughter and lots of dancing, but at the same time, they can also get extremely hectic for the couple. Endless nights without sleep, constantly being on your feet and attending to your guests, making sure everyone’s having a good time and enjoying the wedding at the same time can be exhausting. After the hectic wedding rituals, there couldn’t be a better gift than a relaxing couple spa. Not only will the couple thank you for the much needed thoughtful gift, but they will also appreciate it the most. It’s not difficult to find out about the best spa in any city today. You can also buy most of the spa vouchers online without having to visit the spa.

#2. Mini getaway

There’s no such thing as too many getaways for a newly married couple. Especially if the courtship was short or they live in a joint family, the newlyweds would jump at every opportunity of being alone with each other. The first year is all about travelling and romantic getaways. You can gift them a weekend getaway or a staycation in and around their city. Most of the hotels allow you to gift vouchers of different values and as per your budget, you can find the perfect deal. This gift is an absolute hit as no couple would say no to a free hotel stay. For an adventurous couple, you may also consider gifting a camping trip.

#3. Experiences/ Activities

Material gifts may lose their charm and value over time, but memories always remain precious. Gift the couple an unforgettable experience like tickets to their favourite artist’s concert or a trek. You can find out about different activities at their honeymoon destination and gift them a unique experience. For example, if your friends are going to Italy for their honeymoon, you can gift them passes for a couple’s pizza making class. Make sure you find out about their itinerary before making any bookings.

#4. GoPro/ Polaroid Camera

For the couple who enjoy photography and videography and capturing every moment of their lives, nothing is better than a camera. A GoPro is compact and easy to carry and captures moments beautifully. It’s a must travel companion if you want to capture your holiday memories in fun videos and images. Or you can opt for a Polaroid camera that instantly lets you print pictures. It’s a party favourite, and Polaroid images look cute and can be used for decorating your home.   

#5. Globe for travellers

Travelling is on the list of every couple. As the newly married couple starts their new journey together, gift them something to track their future trips. A scratch map or a cork globe can be a fun gift for the couple who live to travel. Scratch maps come with a world map, and you have to scratch out the place you have visited. It could be a bucket list tracker where you scratch out places you have been to from your bucket list. A cork globe is similar but in a globe shape and comes with pins. You can pin the places you have visited on the globe. There’s some inexplicable joy in striking out the countries from your bucket list.

#6. Name a Star after the couple

What can be a  more special and everlasting gift than naming a star after someone? There are organisations online that let you name a star in the night sky. It’s a beautiful way of showing them that they indeed occupy a special place in your universe.

#7. Date Night Cards

Date Night is fun and an excellent chance for a couple to steal a night of romance from the mundane daily routine. Date night cards can take the excitement up a notch. From romantic to outright naughty, this fun game can is exciting and entertaining. Your friends will surely thank you for this gift.

#8. Fire Stick

Couples who Netflix and chill together, stay together. Watching movies and series is one of the cute and romantic activities that couples must do together. It’s a perfect gift that the couple will surely use on a daily basis. In the era of Netflix and Hotstar, cable TV sometimes takes a backseat. Fire Stick enables you to watch all your favourite shows and movies from different apps on Television. If you are looking for a present that will be useful for the couple, then go ahead and gift your friends this unique wedding gift. Unlike other presents, Fire Stick will definitely fit in your budget as well.

#9. Photoshoot

A photoshoot could be a pre-wedding or a post-wedding gift. Every couple these days wants to have a pre-wedding photo shoot. It gives them an opportunity to spend some fun time with each other during the courtship and the memories and pictures last forever. These shoots often kindle the romance between the couple. If you know the couple well, you can also surprise them with a theme that they would enjoy. For instance, a not-so-serious couple may enjoy a paint fight photo shoot instead of a lovey-dovey romantic one. Many photographers offer gift vouchers that can be redeemed for their services.   

#10. Miniatures and caricatures

Clicking pictures and capturing beautiful moments will always have a charm. But the 21st century is about technological advancement and 3D printing is one of the most revolutionising of them. Gift the newlyweds unique wedding gift of their miniature dolls. 3D printing is now easily available in most of the cities, and these tiny dolls can be an amusing gift for a couple. You can also get a caricature version of their dolls. Your gift will surely bring a smile to their faces every time they look at it.

Millennial couples have different needs than their predecessors and will surely love the unique wedding gifts that we have mentioned above. For more details on millennial weddings, check out weddingwishlist.com.

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