IIM Couple’s Simple Solution to Unwanted Wedding Gifts

A two-week wedding, 3 cities, 2 mad souls in love! Aren’t these the prerequisites of a big fat Indian wedding?

IIM-Alumnus Tanmay and Priya chose the best of both worlds when planning their wedding. They wanted all the sha-bang that came with this monumental celebration, but they also wanted to enjoy the planning process without being constantly stressed. While the groom took the lead with decor, photography, venue and the wedding gifts, the bride chose to be the opposite of a bridezilla and just relax! The duo didn’t leave any opportunity to have fun at the wedding. “Which groom has the liberty to go for a swim right before his wedding? Well, I got to do that,” said a very happy Tanmay.

They had the perfect solution to unwanted wedding gifts
They had the perfect solution to unwanted wedding gifts

Tanmay & Priya, started out as complete opposites. Being batchmates, they got thrown into a lot of events together. A trip to Europe for an exchange programme made them realize that they actually really liked each other. What started as genuine friendship during their college days turned into a full-blown Mumbai romance after college. They dated for two and a half years and then decided to get married.

How they decided to deal with their wedding gifts

“We decided to move out and start living on our own. Getting the new house done with our wedding gifts seemed like the best idea to us”

They knew that every wedding gift comes with a lot of emotional value and not using them would be an insult to their loved ones. Everything about the wedding was well planned and executed, the wedding gifts too had to be well thought out. With wedding functions in 3 different cities, a wedding gift registry seemed like the most sensible option. Guests could just buy the gifts they wanted and it would be delivered to their doorstep when and where they needed.

Tanmay & Priya on their  big day
Tanmay & Priya on their big day

“Our siblings were our lab rats for this gift registry. They beta-tested the gift registry and were forced to buy a wedding gift to ensure the system was free of any issues. Wedding gifts come with a lot of emotional value. I wanted to make sure no guest went through any trouble when getting us the wedding gifts of our choice. Everything was taken care of very well. Thanks to WeddingWishlist.com”

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