Unique Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for All the Newly-Weds

This year, Valentine’s day will be quite different. But as a newly-wed don’t let it dampen your mood and your celebratory plans! When love is in the air, and your life partner beside you; why think twice? Keeping the romantic plan aside, you’ll need an incredible valentine’s gift. You must wonder, what do I get my partner who kind of has everything (aka. you ;)) Well, jokes aside valentines day is a bit incomplete without a gift.

Valentine's day
Valentine’s day

So, we put on our thinking caps to provide you with an incredible list of Valentine’s day gift ideas so that you can surprise your loved one on this special day. 

#1. Starry Night Map

Not sure if you already know, but now you have an option to buy a map of the stars for whatever day you want. So, why not choose this as your valentine’s gift for your loved one? Select a day that’s special, it could be their birthday, your wedding day, or your first date! We’re absolutely sure that your loved one will absolutely adore this. 

#2. Photo Art  

Something sweet, something personal, and will definitely get some *happy tears*. Photographs, but make it art or a collage. This always makes a safe yet romantic valentine’s gift. It’s a gift that will be cherished forever, and also at your eye level because you will definitely keep it at home somewhere visible 😉

#3. Customized Bathrobe 

A cozy bathrobe is a valentine’s gift that will get you lots of hugs and snuggles! To take it up a notch, because it’s Valentine’s day and also because you are newly-weds you can get the bathrobe customized. You could do name initials or words lie ‘wifey’ or ‘hubby’, or anything; it’s up to you. 

#4. Your Love Story

This valentine gift may seem a little unheard of and maybe a little time consuming and expensive (maybe). Gift your partner your love story, in the literal format of a storybook. Now, this could be a digital version too (no restrictions there). You could start from the very beginning of how you met, the little moments in between, your engagement, wedding, and the happily ever after! Oh, to add some more fun elements to this you could include photographs (adding in that personal touch). Now, isn’t this gift idea pretty romantic and incredible? It sure will be one of the highlights of 2020.

#5. Indoor Games

Given that we’re in the middle of a pandemic with lockdowns taking place, a pretty cool valentine’s gift to gift your partner (that you could use as a couple) are indoor/ board games! There is a variety of them that you can purchase. This could be something the two of you’ll enjoy and bond over. 

#6. Accessories  

You can never go wrong with accessories or jewelry as Valentine’s gift. It could be for your wife or husband, any sort of jewelry piece will be greatly appreciated. It could be chains, bracelets, rings, or even cufflinks. These too can be personalized with initials or some engravings. It’ll make it personal, plus as a newly-wed, we’d like to think that this gift would certainly guarantee some brownie points. 

#7. Best Husband / Wife EVER Mug 

THE BEST GIFT EVER. There we said it.
Honestly, sometimes we second guess these simple yet adorable gifts because we imagine that it’s not a grand gesture or a brilliant gift. But, honestly, even if this sounds pretty cheesy; this valentine’s gift will get the largest smile and giggle from your loved one. And isn’t that what Valentine’s day is all about? Celebrating your person and your love. Don’t think twice, go and get this mug for your best person. 

#8. Date Night Ideas

This valentine’s gift requires a little research, time, and effort from your end. It’s extremely special because for this gift you will create a box with fun and incredible date night ideas and activities that you and your partner can venture on. You can buy a cute and pretty little box or decorate one that you have and fill it with ideas! While this may be time-consuming, we assure you that your partner will love-love this, plus it’ll have incredible things for you to do all year long (as newly-weds!). Isn’t this a spectacular valentine’s day gift?!

#9 Personalized Travel Accessories 

We know that the pandemic is still going on, but with the vaccine now approved your travel wish may come sooner than anticipated. So, a great valentine’s gift would be to get your partner ready for that travel plan. The gift could either range from a customized passport holder to a unique monogrammed travel luggage set. Either way, with this gift you’ll sweep them off their feet.

#10. Cookbooks

Is your partner a lover of food, and always wanting to try new dishes? A great valentine’s gift would be a cookbook. There are many in the market, so choose ones that are either really popular, unique, or specific to a person they may have referred to. This valentine’s gift will not only mean that you get to try yummy food but will also encourage your partner to push themselves to pursue their passion, and isn’t that a wonderful thing? 

#11. Movie Poster

Is there a movie that your partner absolutely loves, or a movie date that you’ll first go on? If the answer is yes, then this filmy valentine gift is perfect. Gift them the movie poster along with a note that expresses your love towards them. This will surely melt their heart and have a cheesy-filmy ending to your first ever Valentine’s day as a married couple.

#12. Coffee Machine

A coffee machine may seem like a super basic valentine’s gift, but it’s a good one. It’s golden in fact. If your partner is an avid coffee lover, this gift will be brew-tiful! It will highlight how you value their coffee time (a ritual in some cases). Plus, it would be lovely that when they wake up and make their cup of coffee you’ll be the first thought on their mind because of the gift 😉

Valentine’s day as newly-weds can be a little stressful because you want to find the right Valentine gift and want the day to memorable and incredible. Just know that regardless of the pressure your Valentine’s day will be amazing because you have each other.
Happy Valentines Day, love birds! 

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