Can’t Deal with Another Teddy Bear? Ideas for Valentines Gifts!

With Valentine’s Day around the corner, the one mind-boggling question every person in a relationship struggles with is, what could be a good Valentine’s gift? While movies and advertisements will have you believe that a giant teddy bear, flowers and chocolates are guaranteed to have your partner jumping with joy or melting with mush, let’s face it, the reality couldn’t be further away. With most of us following a more environment-friendly lifestyle, a valentine’s gift of flowers doesn’t really sit right. A couple of days at home and they will have to be tossed a2way. While chocolates are a little more useful than the other two, with our new struggling to be healthy lifestyles, we don’t really want the temptation to be gift wrapped and given to us as a Valentines gifts! 

So if you are racking your brains too, here are some Valentines gifts options that you may like:

Valentines Gifts
Valentines Gifts

#1. Give them Love Coupons:

If there is one thing most relationships struggle with, it’s spending good, quality time with each other. Quality time does not mean endlessly gazing deeply into each other’s eyes with a glass of wine like in movies. It simply means discovering the joy of doing little things together, like cooking, going for a walk, or just binge-watching a tv show. This Valentine’s Day, gift your partner love coupons, coupons that can be encashed for your time. You can customise these according to the things you and your partner enjoy doing the most, or if you are feeling extra mushy, things your partner always asks you to give them company for but you end up not being able to make time for. Trust us, this is one of the Valentines gifts that is sure to make your other half really happy!

#2. Join a hobby class together

If you and your partner have shared interests that you have been putting off pursuing because you haven’t been able to find time for it, make it this year’s Valentine’s gift to enrol in a hobby class together. Whether it is swimming classes or learning a musical instrument together, not only will you add value to your life, but also end up spending some good times with each other and making lots of great memories.

#3. Gift them Plants

Unlike flowers, plants are sustainable, environment-friendly Valentines gifts that work so well to symbolize the growth of your relationship as well. A beautiful plant in a cute planter will add so much to the house and caring for them and seeing them grow can be very therapeutic. If your partner is not really a plant person and has not had a very good history with plants, don’t worry. There are plenty of fuss-free, easy to care for and impossible to kill indoor plants available in the market, like sansevieria and jade, with self-watering pots which make it really easy to keep them alive and thriving!

#4. Gift them a solo trip

Sometimes the best gift you can give your partner is the time and space to disconnect, be away from everything and everyone and take some time off to connect with themselves. With our hectic lifestyles, sometimes we crave for some quality me-time more than anything else. If you are looking for Valentines gifts that show how much you value your partner, nothing says it better than gifting them a solo trip. 

#5. Gift them an experience:

Things will come and things will go, but experiences will make memories that will stay. If you are looking for Valentine’s gift that will be memorable and infinitely cherishable for your SO, gift them an experience. It doesn’t have to be something extravagant, it could be something really simple, like gifting them an art therapy class, or a cookery class, or a heritage walk, or a photo shoot, whatever you think will make them happy. Not only will this be a unique Valentine’s day gift, but it will also add something valuable and fun to their lives!

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