Beautiful Ceremony of Love Through Virtual Celebration

We didn’t fall in love as much as “grow” in love. We first met with a big group of friends and after that day of hanging out, one of our common friends (Alisha) started to ask us, individually, if we would be interested in getting to know each other. We didn’t have anything like that in mind. We were doing our own thing in life so we didn’t give much thought to it. After many months I moved to Hyderabad and Abdela and I became good friends. 

virtual celebrations
virtual celebrations

My family was looking for a girl for me during this time. Eventually, I realised it was silly of me to look for someone on the Internet, when I had the perfect person (Abdela) in my life. We were great friends and our families knew each other. When I asked her out, she was taken by surprise and we took our families blessings. 

Abdela always wanted one of those romantic proposals but because I wanted to surprise her, I pretended to not care about the proposal. I got tickets for the people closest to her to fly to Hyderabad. I took her out for dinner and even though she had an inkling that I would propose, I didn’t do anything during the meal. Post dinner, I told her I had to stop by at the church, where I work, for a quick meeting with the Pastors and that she can come along. In the meantime, I asked my friends to decorate the church and wait there. One of our friends from Bangalore, was a singer and she was playing the keyboard and singing when we both reached the church after a traffic-filled rainy night. As we go out of the cab, Abdela saw our friend and asked, “What is she doing here?” And as we walked in, she saw more people who were close to her, and then I eventually proposed to her. 

It was definitely a challenge to plan a wedding during the pandemic because we never knew when the rules would change and when we would go into lockdown. Thankfully Hyderabad was not that bad in the earlier stages of planning for the wedding. But as the wedding day got closer, things escalated. People were asking us if we still wanted to go ahead with the wedding, keeping in mind the lockdown and everything else. We were somewhat stressed because of this. We didn’t know what to do but. Regardless of that, we are so glad we went ahead with it, with a lot of help from many of our friends. 

we had few very close friends and family who were physically present at our wedding. While most of the people participated virtually.

Virtual celebration
Virtual celebration

We are especially grateful for our friends who told us about Wedding Wishlist, which made it so easy for us and for our guests, especially in the area of gifts as we had a registry. The company helped us plan a seamless virtual celebration, answered all our questions about this new concept, and were always a message away. We hope this concept of virtual celebrations, which they helped us celebrate, stays around for a long time. 

We know that things can be hard and confusing but if you have supportive people around you, you can definitely enjoy the process and have a great wedding celebration! Something we’ve learned is that the whole process is just a trailer of how we will do together for the rest of our life! And we’re hoping it’s going to be just as amazing. 

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