How Virtual Celebration Is Bringing the Fun to Your Doorstep

A lot of changes have been necessitated by the pandemic, and one such change is the willingness to embrace technology. Much more than the pre-pandemic world! (if you still remember about that ). Initially hesitant about hosting celebrations due to the restricted travel and gathering size, people are now realizing that social distancing does mean sacrificing celebrations. Our good friend technology has made it possible for everyone to be a part of the event, or in other words, join virtually from any part of the world. Be it weddings, birthdays, baby showers, housewarming, or anniversaries, the virtual celebration is here to ensure that no guest feels left out!

Virtual Celebration
Virtual Celebration

Here are 5 ways in which virtual celebration will provide a better experience for both the host and the guests.

#1. If the guest can’t come to the event, bring the event to the guest

Livestreaming has been around even before the pandemic, but probably just as a fancy and expensive add-on service to the photography package. With the pandemic’s arrival, it has come to be viewed as an essential value-adding service. And live streaming does not need any fancy equipment – there are many free apps that work just as well. All you need is a good Wi-Fi connection and a phone, and you are ready to roll your virtual celebration.

#2. Where’s the party tonight?

Guests can watch the live streaming from their sofa, but what fun is it to watch it all alone? Let them interact with other guests, share roasts, toasts, and wishes, and click pictures together as they watch the ceremony live – simply via a video calling platform. After all, the best part of a celebration is to catch up with your friends and family.

#3. Invite with the touch of a button!

Online invitations are now the trend for any kind of celebration. With so much variety available, what’s not to like? The single-page invites, multi-page invites, animated as well as video invites – there is something for everyone. No more hassle of going through print revisions or sending couriers to multiple addresses. Instantly get your copy online and send it to all your guests via social media platforms.

#4. Send gifts online, because why not?

A gift registry is an online wishlist of things that you need. You can simply share the URL with your guests, who can then buy or contribute towards anything on this list. Every gift is meaningful, and no gift is wasted. You can buy a gift right from home, and the gift is delivered to the host’s doorstep – it’s that easy! And if you are the guest who is always confused about what gift to bring along when you are invited to any celebration, this piece of technology is for you! 

#5. Let the apps take over

If you have ever been to the app store, you will notice that there is an app for everything out there. Reasonably priced and contained within a small icon on your phone, they are extremely handy when it comes to planning any event. You can now manage guest accommodation and transport, RSVPs, guest communication, upload photos, and share every event detail via the app, perfect for any virtual celebration. And also, reducing your reliance on expensive wedding planners.

We guess we need not say anything more to convince you how virtual celebration is shaping the way people celebrate. So, if you or your loved one has a special occasion to celebrate, you know what to do!

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