Checklist of Must-Haves for an Intimate Celebration

The face of the celebration changed completely with the onset of the pandemic. So many plans were postponed and many were preponed. Grand and big fat celebrations are out of the question for now. But now we have a new trend, intimate celebrations! And we all agree that Modern problems require modern solutions. So the world has completely shifted to sharing their special day with special people in an intimate affair. What can we say except that we are just in love with it! 


Intimate celebration
Intimate celebration

Here are some ideas for your intimate celebration

#1. Location

When we talk about intimate celebrations, location matters a lot. Any planning starts by choosing the perfect location for the anticipated day. Your house will be the perfect place to start. You can choose your backyard or terrace as the spot. It is not only safe but will also help you save a lot. You can use the backyard as your dancing space, the dining room can be the place where you have an open buffet and the terrace can be where people can mingle. Basically, the plan is to use each and every space of the house. But if you feel it cannot accommodate the celebration then you can always book a venue like a farm or a lawn.

#2. Guests and inviting

Intimate celebration means you’ll be saying bye-bye to your 200 guests! Discuss with your family and cut down the list. Stick to the limit. Going out and personally giving the invite is dangerous and also time-consuming. Now you can invite the guests with a digital invite. They are super light on the pocket and easy to use. 

#3. Virtual

Cutting down the guest list means many guests will be left out from being a part of your celebration. We know it is sad and not exactly what you planned. Fret not! Technology has paved the way for celebration amidst the pandemic. You can now opt for a virtual celebration. Not only can you invite all your guests without leaving anyone out but also ensure the safety of everyone. They can your intimate celebration join in from the comfort of their homes from any corner of the world. Isn’t this a win-win situation?

#4. Food and drinks

What is a celebration without some good food? Believe it or not but the maximum number of people attend events just for food. Now inviting caterers means that you have to cut on the guestlist. You cannot order food as piping hot food is what is suggested to be safe. 

It is a dilemma. You can opt for home-cooked food wherewith you family members, you can cook a feast. If this is not what you would like to opt for then you can order food but you have to somehow make sure that it is served hot. For virtual guests, you can have food delivered to them at their doorstep! 

#5. Decoration

Due to being organised in a small space, intimate celebrations have more personal touches to them compared to a big fat celebration. You can try many looks from minimalist to natural. Opting for natural decor items is always suggested as they are not only eco-friendly but also give a rustic modern look. You can use curtains and paper lanterns. Just let your creativity take the lead. It is your day and it should be your way.

So, here are some pointers to have an intimate celebration. Let every guest from all around the world be a part of your day through a virtual celebration.  Virtual celebrations don’t cut short your celebration in any way – they can be just as fun as any offline event. Bring the party to your guests if your guests can’t come to the party and celebrate in style.

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