Couples and the ‘New Normal’ with Virtual Wedding Services!

The year is ending and we can’t be happier! Through all the ups and downs, we are here, ready to welcome the new year with open arms. This year taught us many things- many found their callings, some lost their loved ones and some welcomed new family members. But as they say, life has to move on! We can all agree that technology played a very important role, whether it be in education for online classes or virtual wedding services. People let their creative juices flow and found a solution to their problems.

Virtual Wedding Couples
Virtual Wedding Couples

So as the year is ending, we look back to our couples who started their new beginning with our virtual wedding services.

#1. Niharika & Aniruddh

Who knew working in an NGO will change their life! They met in 2014 and formed deeper connections with their shared love for animes and dogs. How cute!

When COVID19 put a dent in their big fat Indian wedding plan, they opted for live streaming so all their guests could be a part of their special day. The gift registry however was the best thing for them. The flexibility and efficiency of the service just made their wedding planning process stress-free.

Niharika - Aniruddh
Niharika – Aniruddh

“We’re glad the pandemic has created a new version of weddings in India,”

Niharika & Aniruddh

#2. Prasad and Ketki

Meeting through a community wedding app, this couple was not far from the virtual wedding concept. After getting introduced to each other by their parents and through texting, they found a similar ground. They knew it was gonna happen after meeting for the first time over coffee. Love at first sight!

After the lockdown was eased in mid-may, they decided on the mid-June wedding. With a website and gift registry, their live streaming was watched by more than 1000 guests from all over the world. Many of them felt this was the right way forward in the current scenario.

Prasad- Ketki
Prasad- Ketki

“Our guests absolutely loved it. Relatives sitting across the world, and in the remotest parts of the country could bless us,” 


#3.Vineela & Shashank

After moving to India, the couple would cross each other during their morning run. But it was bumble who matched them up for a life long run. After a few dates, the couple knew they were meant for each other.

But COVID just brought their big wedding plans to a grinding halt. From Uganda planning to a virtual wedding, the journey was a ride worthwhile. From live streaming to a zoom guest party, the couple has to manage everything as their parents couldn’t fly down for the wedding from Uganda. But with the assistance of the wedding wishlist, the couple had their perfect wedding. Hundreds of their guests logged in to be a part of their celebration.

Vineela- Shashank
Vineela- Shashank

“At the end of the day, a wedding is about two people and how they wish to spend the rest of their life together. So, go ahead and get married. Don’t wait for things to change as never know what the next obstacle could be,”


#4. Aparna & Abhirup

A Kannadiga girl and a Bengali boy met each other in B-school. From starting out as friends then moving to something serious, they decided to tie the knot.  After a lot of round tables, complete with translators and military-style planning, they finally landed on July 27th as the wedding date.

A big number of invitees, including Abhirup’s parents and extended family, we’re unable to attend in person so they decided to opt for live streaming. As Aparna knows how tedious the selection process of gifts is, she made sure to create a gift registry to have a waste-free wedding.


“I personally have always wanted a very low-key wedding. A virtual wedding is a perfect compromise, allowing a large number of people to view and be part of the wedding, without making the atmosphere too claustrophobic”


#5. Anu & Manikantha

After knowing each other for almost 7 years, the spark was ignited and they decided to get hitched. Manikantha’s family moved to Anu’s neighborhood and she became a part of his family but he was just an acquaintance. They in fact declined the first time his mother suggested the marriage. But they met again at his sister’s engagement and fell for each other. 

The virtual wedding services were easy to use and the team helped a lot. Their guests all over the world were able to gift them through the gift registry and were part of their D-day!

Anu- Manikantha
Anu- Manikantha

“It was a really great experience for us. The team walked us through invitation samples and website designs and even helped us create the final website. There were many features like RSVP and live stream that made it easy for guests to use this service, and we got very positive feedback from everyone.”

Anu & Manikantha

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