A Step-by-step Guide to Planning the Perfect Virtual Wedding!

Are you one of the many couples who’ve had to rethink your wedding plans due to the coronavirus pandemic? This virus has changed our very notion of ‘normal’ and the grand Indian wedding is as much a casualty as anyone else. The best part about celebrating your big day is being surrounded by every single person who matters to you. But COVID has rendered that impossible, at least physically. The good news is that you can still have them present, and have a memorable celebration, virtually. Wedding Wishlist has created the perfect platform to plan, manage and execute an unforgettable virtual wedding, with zero stress and lots of fun.

Here’s how they help you plan your dream virtual wedding!

Planning a Virtual Wedding
Planning a Virtual Wedding

The wedding website

Planning a virtual wedding starts with creating the couple’s wedding website, which eventually becomes the centre of all wedding activities. With Wedding Wishlist, couples can create their free wedding website in minutes by choosing a theme they like and customizing it. They can add function details, information on live streaming, tips on using video chats, a gift registry and RSVP form. Guests can use this to stay updated, buy the couple a gift. They can also watch the live stream and leave the couple good wishes in their guest book. 

Choosing your virtual wedding services

Once you’ve set up your website, it’s time to decide how elaborately you want to have your celebration, because after all, it is still the “big fat Indian wedding”. Couples can choose anything from an extremely intimate ceremony with just a few loved ones to a multi-day extravaganza including hundreds of guests! Some services to pick from include:

Live stream:

This is the most basic service, which all couples who plan a virtual wedding would go for. It allows the couple to telecast the ceremony live to guests across the globe and can be done through a professional photographer or even a willing friend and phone camera. The choice is yours!

Video chat:

Since streaming is a passive activity where guests can’t engage with each other, most couples like to add a video chat option to their virtual wedding where guests can mingle, engage and have more fun. Wedding Wishlist helps couples create custom video chat rooms on a couples website for different groups of guests. So friends, cousins, colleagues, relatives—each can join their own room, ensuring they are comfortable with the other participants.

Pre-wedding functions:

In addition to the main ceremony, couples can choose to have a series of pre-wedding functions like a bridal shower, bachelorette, cocktail and more. This not only builds up the excitement to the big day but also helps guests get comfortable with the technology. The team at Wedding Wishlist organizes fun games and event flows to make these functions enjoyable for everyone. 

Celebration hampers:

New times call for new kinds of gifts. Move over thank-you and invitation gifts as celebration hampers are the newest rage in town. These fun gift hampers are a surefire way to make guests feel involved in the wedding celebrations. Wedding Wishlist sends gift boxes to all guests with things that will get them in the mood to celebrate. From decorations to liven up their homes to a cocktail mix for them to say cheers to or even desserts for the cake cutting ceremony and fun accessories for them to wear! It’s all about giving them a physical slice of the wedding festivities. 

Gift Registry:

And when talking about gifts, how can we forget gifts for the couple? With most guests attending virtually, it becomes difficult for them to send the couple a gift. However, with Wedding Wishlist, a couple can create a list of gifts they love and add it to their gift registry. Guests can simply buy or contribute to them and they’re delivered directly to the couple when and where they want.

The Wedding Usher:

Much like your physical wedding would have had, you need someone to run the show for a virtual wedding. From ensuring all guests can connect easily (no aunt who’s on mute or an uncle who can’t get the video on!) to welcoming guests online and helping them understand the flow of events, a Wedding Wishlist usher takes care of it all so the couple can be stress-free!

Guest communication: 

From beautiful e-invites to information on the wedding website, all the guest communication needs to be handled perfectly in a virtual wedding. Since this concept is new for most guests, it is essential that everything is explained in detail. Wedding Wishlist helps the couple plan the entire communication to make it fun, easy to understand and user friendly.

Post-wedding memories: 

One of the best parts about a wedding is the amazing videos and pictures you get post the event. But just because you’re having a virtual wedding does not mean you need to compromise on that. Wedding Wishlist helps the couple capture all the special moments. From taking pictures of the chatrooms to getting guests to send videos and messages for the couple. All of this can be compiled into an album, a guest book or even a video for the couple to cherish.

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