Are Virtual Invites the Norm?

On the most important day of your life, you’d want the most important people to be there by your side – the ones who will fill your day with warmth, love, and laughter. And just so that you don’t miss out on these significant human beings of your life, you would want to make sure that nothing is amiss in the way you invite.
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Of course, virtual invitations are the way to go now – because they’re practical and yet, creative.  But what are the ways that you can explore to get the ball rolling? Let’s have a look.

Video Invites

Imagine a short video that captures your love story in a compact and crisp way, in a way that piques the interest of the viewer and ends with a call-to-action that gives out necessary information about the dates, venues, and functions of the wedding?

You can also go for just the normal ones that are only informative, and do the job in brief. Add background music to your invite that gives the feel of the wedding to make sure the viewer can’t say no to this one.


Traditional, classic, or premium – choose your style when you choose the template for your card. But most importantly, choose the theme of your overall wedding. The colours of the card can also be coordinated with ones of your wedding if you have any. Otherwise, feel free to customize our card according to colours, font, and placement of information on the wedding invitation cards.

Animated Video Invites

Cute, and to the point, these invites are the usually preferred ones as they’re attractive when shared on WhatsApp or even on emails. The couple can be made into cute caricatures or simple animated figures to lend personalization to the invites. Or you can use cute images that go with the couple’s persona.

Thematic Invites

Destination wedding or in your native place, if your wedding has a theme so should your invite. A beach wedding can have a cool, blue tropical light feel on the cards with a lot of sunshine and sand colours being used on your invite. This basically sets the tone of your wedding from the beginning itself so that the homogeneity in choices is maintained.

No matter what, the most creative of ideas can be translated into wedding invitation cards. They will not just be informative to the receiver, but also make their face light up. Because isn’t that what weddings are all about?

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