A Couple’s Guide to Planning a Stress-free, Virtual Wedding

“The known devil is better than an unknown angel.” This popular saying was what best-defined Ulageswari & Siva’s relationship. The couple, who were introduced by their parents, spent 5 years getting to know each other as friends before they decided to get engaged in February 2020. Little did they know that their dream wedding was about to be hijacked by the spread of COVID19. “We had zero clue that the pandemic would play such a huge part in the wedding and wedding planning. Postponing was not an option as it was like postponing into uncertainty. Siva always wanted a simple wedding at home or a temple with just close people around. So we went ahead with the planning and had a beautiful virtual wedding at home,” says Ulageswari. 

The couple had a memorable virtual wedding that they thoroughly enjoyed. “Virtual weddings are going to be the new normal. I strongly (and strangely) recommend these close, intimate home weddings to anyone planning to have one during this time. It becomes hassle-free, tension-free and you actually get to enjoy the day,” adds the bride. 

Ulageswari & Siva's Virtual wedding
Ulageswari & Siva’s Virtual wedding

Tips on how to plan your virtual wedding

#1. Do a wedding website and gift registry

“We had planned to do these even before we knew about the impact of COVID19 on our wedding, but they proved invaluable in light of a virtual wedding.” The couple’s wedding website had all the important details of the wedding, including live stream and their gift registry. “98% of our gifts were purchased before the wedding, through our registry. Our friends loved the concept because they knew we would use their gift. Everything was delivered to us at our new home, and it was a great help. Use WEDDING WISHLIST and their gift registry! Trust me when I say this was the best thing we had for our wedding.” 

#2. Safety is of most importance!

The couple advocates doing everything you want for your dream wedding, but while keeping safety as a priority. “Be sure about what you want, from the color of your outfit to the accessories. Do a thorough online search on where exactly you can find those. Go to the place with your necessary safety precautions, get what you have decided on, and come back! NO LOOKING INTO ANYTHING ELSE,” warns the bride. 

#3. Choose your battles wisely

“Concentrate on yourself and what you want. Do not unnecessarily bother about every single thing in the wedding. Let your parents do that,” advises Ulageswari. Between a global pandemic and planning the best day of your life, there is more than enough on your plate. By focusing on yourself and your priorities, and delegating the rest, couples can make this virtual wedding experience a lot more enjoyable. 

#4. Slash your guest list

“Make your guest list as small as possible, people will understand given the situation now.” With a 50-people limit to your guest list, it’s important for couples to spend some time thinking about whom they want to spend this day with. After all, your wedding is made special by the ones you love, and you have the option of choosing only the closest people to have by your side…

#5. And finally, relax!

There are things that you can control and those that you can’t. The fact that your wedding is falling during one of the most testing times we’ve seen in our lifetime is something you can’t control. But, you can accept the reality and learn to enjoy it. “Relax and don’t stress much about every single detail. Enjoy the big day, it’s your wedding after all,” concludes the bride!

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