Why the Virtual Weddings Are the New Rage of 2021

The year 2020 truly was the year of the virtual. From work meetings to classroom teaching to baby showers, & virtual weddings, everything moved online. And we were all forced to stay at home due to the pandemic. Even though it was a huge shift for us as a society, we persevered. We came up with fresh new ways to work, socialize, and celebrate our important days together. With the world around us still rallying to get ahead of the pandemic, this year continues to be the year of the Virtual.

Virtual Weddings
Virtual Weddings

So if you are planning to get married this year, here’s why you should definitely go for a virtual wedding!

#1. Virtual weddings are so cost-effective:

Of course, you know this- Virtual weddings cost a fraction of the actual costs of a physical wedding. There is no worrying about expensive hotel rooms, flight tickets, and a thousand other money-draining avenues that inevitably accompany a physical wedding. This means you end up saving so much more money for your life ahead together, instead of spending it all on the wedding.

#2. Virtual weddings cut down on the drama:

Everyone loves a piece of wedding gossip, true, but it is never fun for the people organizing the wedding when they have to handle tantrums and shenanigans of rowdy wedding guests. Virtual weddings not only give you the option to control your guests’ participation according to your convenience, due to the nature of the medium, it also automatically filters out a lot of unnecessary drama, which facilitates a more involved, and seamless wedding experience for both the hosts and the guests. Also, you can just take a break to catch your breath, even in the middle of the ceremonies.

#3. Virtual weddings are time efficient and easy to plan:

With Virtual weddings, there is no need for you to sit with excel sheets. Sheets containing information about guests’ arrival and departure, and status, and which two families don’t get along well and have to be given rooms in separate wings. There is also no need for your guests to scurry about leaves at their workplaces, and especially for those staying in slightly remote cities, and waste two to three days just commuting from their homes to the wedding venue.

People can attend your wedding from the comfort of their homes. Even during a workday, even while attending that important meeting in which they have no role to play but can still not avoid it. You can even send them to return gifts or order a meal for them to add to the virtual celebrations. Does it get any more convenient than this? 

#4. The Pandemic is not over yet:

History bears testimony to the fact that a pandemic typically takes anywhere between two to three years to finish its due course. The second wave has just started to strike most countries right about now, and there is no telling how long will it take to subside this time. A virtual wedding means a safe, flexible, accommodating event that will take place as and when you want it to, and would not be dependent on government guidelines or the number of wedding guests allowed at that particular time.

It is the safest, non-chaotic, and super-efficient way to celebrate your big day without any of the worries of having a physical wedding when things around us are so erratic and unpredictable. And needless to say, the struggle between that beautiful chandbalis and your mask is real, and best avoided. 

So, don’t let your once-in-a-lifetime day depend on anything other than the solid foundation of your relationship. And with virtual weddings, you can have a safe and memorable day. So go for it now and let us take care of everything else! 

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