Ways to Have a Safe & Fun Prewedding Halloween-Covid Times

It is no surprise that COVID 19 has rained on the most celebrated festivities this year – pre-wedding parties included. By the time you got your head wrapped around the situation, off flew Easter, Ramzan, and Ganesh Chaturti, all with the blink of an eye. But off late, with more and more people getting accustomed to the likes of what a COVID get-together looks like, Halloween around the corner seems to restore hope the size of decorative pumpkins and skull-printed piñatas

A costume party’s success can hardly be anticipated, unless – *drumroll* – it’s a Halloween party! Your pre-wedding party doesn’t necessarily have to be a downer in times like these. In fact, the famous fall, bearing all the goodness of pumpkin spice and a tingling autumn breeze can make for a splendid, romantic, yet spooky evening. 

Pre-wedding Halloween
Pre-wedding Halloween

5 ways you could have a safe yet super fun Pre-wedding Halloween in COVID times:

#1. The Zoom Call Pre-Wedding Costume Party 

The whole point of a pre-wedding shenanigan is to scoop out the serious bits of your wedding day, let loose, and have some fun, right? One way to have a no-contact prewedding with the added fun of Halloween is to do it virtually. Now, stats say that a party on zoom or skype isn’t likely to be a hit with more than 10 people on the call. This is only true with a few people doing the talking and the rest cutting off each other’s sentences. How do you fix this? Organize your pre-wedding zoom call with just as much detail as you would the normal in-person version.

You can even have a separate celebration with your family members so they’re not completely blindsided in a massive chatroom with your friends. Come up with a list of Halloween-themed drinking games (or mocktail games) to play so that everyone’s involved. Have each one of your folks dress up in pairs – only a couple costumes allowed. 

#2. A Haunted Mansion Pre-wedding Party: COVID Edition

If you and your folks feel comfortable with the idea of a small (but safe) gathering, one way to kickstart is by renting out an old farmhouse, far away from the city. Nothing too prim – preferably one that has its fences broken with a fairly large front yard. Not only will the set up make for an excellent Halloween-themed backdrop, but it’ll also work out to be super mild on your pockets.

But here’s where your creativity steps in. Near the entrance, you can have automatic sprays that gush in every time someone walks past – alarming your guests, but also sanitizing them at the same time. Decorative pumpkins with lit candles inside them making for a not-so-basic candlelight centerpiece for all the tables. Ghastly masks and the whole place lit up with nothing but bonfires – picture it! Truly an October to remember.

#3. Pre-wedding Home Turned Haunted Mansion? 

If a celebration outside of your home is not something you deem ideal during this time, don’t fret. Your very own casa can just as much make up for a splendid night of eerie costumes and bloody marys. Instead of having special prizes given away to the best-dressed costumes, you can turn this competition up a notch and hand over prizes to those with the most quirky masks. The couple for one can have matching masks. For the fun of it, the groom can have a zip printed on his (if you know what I mean). You could also have your menu for the night designed to suit the theme. Mummy meatballs, eyeball pasta, a spider web engagement cake, and my personal favorite – ghost pizza bagels!

#4. A Sanitized Staycation Pre-wedding: A Trick Or A Treat?

This might seem far-fetched, but honestly, if you pick the right place that takes proper precautions against the virus, it doesn’t have to be. A staycation with close friends and family is always a good idea. It’s intimate and unlike a hotel banquet, has limited restrictions on what you can/can’t do. This means you can either hire a decorator or use some of your own imagination to spruce up the place like the sets of The Exorcist! Or not.

If spooky is not your thing, I’d personally suggest something more “Dress like your favorite movie star” as your theme. But in the event that you do decide to go authentic, you can play around with props, set up a photo booth covered in (fake) cobwebs, and throw in some red-colored powder or holi inside the pool of your villa to give your pre-wedding party a more “horror story” vibe. But of course, you can balance out the freaky with romantic palettes, warm lanterns, and arrange a sunset watch. If you’re taking the staycation route, you might as well go all out!

#5. Rent Out A (Pre-wedding) Party Bus

Before you completely drop this idea due to the lack of social distancing, hear me out. This is a pax 10 party at the max! Besides, a bus is much easier to sanitize and not miss a single corner than any other hotel lobby would be. So, in a way, it’s fun, it’s intimate and it sure as hell is one of the safer options to host a fabulous pre-wedding Halloween celebration.

A luxury party bus is nothing less than the inside of your favorite Saturday night club. It comes with almost no restrictions on how loud you can turn up the volume. So put on your party hats (and masks) and get ready to go all out with your costumes. An ideal theme for this costume party would be rock n roll, or glitz and glamour. But then again, whatever works best for the couple is always the superior choice. 

COVID sure has put a cap to the numbers on your guest list but this doesn’t necessarily have to dull down your much-awaited wedding festivities. If you plan to bring a little thrill into your romance with Halloween around the corner, do it. Theme your invitation cards, make an eerie ceremony playlist, plugin creepy cocktail hour and toast to your future spouse with a handful of spooky lines added to your speech, just for the fun of it. Give ’em pumpkin to talk about.

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