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With technology permeating most aspects of our lives, how can the big fat Indian wedding remain untouched? Couples, just like everyone else, are using the power and convenience of technology to simplify their wedding planning process, making the guest experience better and reducing the cost of doing so drastically! A wedding app is one of the most powerful tools available to achieve all this and more. Couples can share wedding details, chat with guests, send important announcements, sync their gift registry, upload and collect photos and so much more. It’s basically the new and improved version 2.0 of digital wedding invites.

Wedding App
Wedding App

What separates a wedding app from wedding invitations? 

  • Wedding apps are way cooler and edgier than a paper invite, which typically gets lost in the pile of letters and documents.
  • A wedding app connects you and the guests in a private and seamless manner, allowing for personalization and convenience. Also, WhatsApp groups are so yesterday!
  • An app allows you to add Google map locations, and isn’t that the most important thing to ensure your guests reach your venue on time?
  • Couples can share their story, pictures, and more. And this helps even that 5th removed cousin or your aunt’s childhood bestie to know a little about the bride and groom before they turn up.
  • You can sync your gift registry to the App, so guests can get all the information and buy you a gift of your choice, all in one place. 
  • Getting your friends or cousins to share all those amazing candid pictures is the toughest part of one’s post-wedding ritual. This is a great place for everyone to load pictures! 
  • It takes ZERO storage space because it’s not really an app you download from the Play Store. So no one will be complaining.

So how do you create a kickass wedding app? First things first, understand your wedding website well.

Story & Events

This section is your chance to connect with the couple and give details of the wedding that are very important. Any information that guests generally go back to like venues, timings, the order of events, etc. need to be mentioned here. 

The beauty is in the details – Give the right details in your story. Either, mark important years and make it chronological or keep it as a conversation. These are the two famous story formats that have gained a lot of love from guests. 

Make events fun – Explain events/functions in detail so guests understand the importance of each ritual. Try to make events interesting by assigning dress codes or mention some wedding games that you would be playing to get the guests excited. 

Pictures speak better than words – Add as many relevant pictures as you can. 

Gift registry

While some couples plan only until the wedding, most couples think ahead. A gift registry is a list of gifts a couple need post their wedding. Guests can get an idea of the couple’s preferences while choosing gifts.

If you’re going to be moving out after the wedding – A registry is the best way to get all the stuff you need to set up your new home. There is an endless collection of homeware, kitchenware, appliances, art, and furniture to choose from. 

If you’re going to stay with the parents/in-laws – You’re going to splurge on travel to get out and get some privacy.  Some of the travel wedding gifts to add to your wedding registry are travel kits, honeymoon packages, luggage, and more. 

Photo Gallery

Some of the prettiest pictures are ones that are clicked at the moment. The Gallery sections let guests upload pictures of you and the events to a single place, all of which can be stored in a single place.

Social Wall

Wedding guests are the life of any wedding. The social wall is a good way to stay connected with your guests. What if you’re getting late for the wedding? What if there is a change in the sangeet practice time? Well, one message on the app and you’re good to go. 

Themes & Backgrounds

Every couple has a color or theme that the entire wedding is planned around. An app that resonates with that color/theme is a definite yes. 

App icon image

An app icon is one that comes on a guests’ home screen when added as a bookmark. A picture of the couple is the best option. But if you feel that is too common, adding a wedding logo is a good idea and also the best exercise to establish the fact that you have a logo. 

Use of hashtag

With the increasing need for living weddings through social media, a wedding hashtag is a must-have. It also helps guests who could not attend, get a taste of the celebrations. Popular wedding hashtags of couples –

#gocheetagetbattata (Shweta Tripathi & Chaitnya Sharma)

#deepveer (Deepika Padukone & Ranveer Singh)

#nickyanka (Priyanka Chopra & Nick  Jonas)

#chaysam (Samantha & Naga Chaitanya)

#Bagged (Bhargav & Dhanya)

Improvise the sharing process

While it’s easy to just send a text to guests talking about the wedding website, there are other ways couples can make the website known to their guests. You can create a Facebook event/page announcing the wedding or even a video telling guests about your wedding app/website/gift registry. 

Guests are an important part of any wedding and connecting with them on a personal level takes little effort. Technology makes it easy and while a WhatsApp message is easy to send, it’s not personal. The RSVP Manager is everything you need to make guest logistics management a breeze! Now you can easily manage RSVPs, guest communication, stay assignments, and much more!

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