7 Reasons Why Wedding Apps Are The Next Big Thing At Weddings

There’s an app for everything today. Want to find your dream job? There’s an app. Want to find your life partner? Get the app. Want to find ways to propose to the love of your life? App. It’s called Pinterest silly, look it up. A big fat Indian wedding requires as much prep (if not more) than the Emmys and this calls for organisation. The big question is, how does one find a way to disentangle and simplify an event this big that has SO many tasks for various parties involved in the celebration? Enter: Wedding Apps.

A one-stop solution to all things wedding-related. Right from vendors, planners and photographers to checklists, invitations and pictures – Wedding apps take care of everything!

Wedding Apps
Wedding Apps

1. The Where And When

Every detail you wish to showcase about your wedding right from the timeline of events to the dress code for every party can all be stored on the wedding app for your guests to view. This way, if there’s any confusion about timings or dress code, your guests can instantly clarify their doubts by opening the app. Isn’t this so much better than answering a gazillion phone calls to direct your old chacha who’s unfamiliar with your city roads to the wedding venue? 

2. Photo Sharing Made Easy

And for everybody’s favourite wedding shenanigan (okay well second favourite to food) Photos! All that decking up and no social media uploads? Sounds Absurd. As much as we love pictures, what most of us despise is a bad picture. Don’t you just hate it when someone uploads an entire wedding album on social media with no filtering out the bad ones whatsoever? “Umm, hello, but I didn’t sign up for my picture to be taken halfway through stuffing my face with a samosa, let alone be tagged in it!”, Right?

But with a wedding app, photo sharing is not just super simple but is also ideal to retain your privacy while doing so. All your wedding pictures can now be uploaded at a safe space for your guests to view and save whichever ones they choose to. And what’s more, is that even guests can upload their clicks onto the app for everyone to access with ease!

3. Plan (and for once, stick to) Your Wedding Budget

Most people work with a specific wedding budget and more often than not, tend to exceed this budget as a result of careless spending. This is the sole reason people choose to hand over all of their responsibilities to a wedding planner who works within a budget to bring to you the wedding of your dreams. But thanks to technology now, there is no need for this mediator who is helpful, sure, but will most likely prove to drill holes in your pocket. With the right wedding app, a checklist and a budget planner will help you stay on top of things and manage your expenses almost seamlessly!

4. Find Your Right (Vendor) Match 

Some of the advance wedding apps not only bring to you a list of top vendors in India but also get into specifics like contact information, user ratings, reviews and prices as well as details of all the services they offer. It basically streamlines your entire mind re-routing it from havoc to harmony. Some wedding apps even have tie-ups with vendor companies that allow them to provide these services at discounted prices. You can find every service you’ll ever need for your wedding on this one platform! Imagine how much time and effort you’d be saving. 

5. Invites Made Easy

Invitations are one of the biggest hassles of big fat Indian weddings. The scene created if you accidentally forget to send out an invite is not pretty. We’ve all witnessed this at some point. Never miss out on sending out invites with easy checklists on your wedding app. In addition, wedding apps make RSVP so much simpler so now you have a headcount of everyone who’s going to be attending and everyone who isn’t can stay on the loop because of this magnificent saviour: Your wedding app!

6. Don’t Sweat The Small Stuff

Wedding apps (well, some of them) are literally like your personal assistant hired to grease the wheels for you. IWed for example breaks down broader duties into mini-tasks to ensure that everything about your big day is pitch-perfect! For example, the app gives you an option to upload your picture and virtually see which hairstyle suits you best, so you don’t end up the soup at the boutique. (WHAT?) Every micro detail including that of seating arrangements, organizing of your first dance and calendar alarms can all be set on the wedding app. 

7. Share Your Wedding Story 

Just like a wedding website, you can choose to customise and prettify your wedding app as per your personal taste. The details of your love story, how you met as well as the bridal party details along with any announcement that you would like to make to your guests can all be done on the app. Changed your mind about the cocktail party dress code? Put it right on the app and your folks will be pinged with a buzz almost instantly! Want to send across a GIF to build up the excitement? Push notifications! Wish to have a countdown set on the app for your big day? Sure, why not! Welcome to 2020. 

Wedding apps are becoming the norm lately. Want to join the latest wedding revolution? Simply Sign Up!

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