Your Definitive Guide to the 9 Best Wedding Apps in India

We all know that weddings have changed throughout the years. But did you know that the biggest influencer of modern wedding trends is technology? Well, believe it! Technology is one major thing that’s helping the billion-dollar industry to grow at astonishing rates and at the forefront is wedding apps

So, here’s anything and everything you need to know about the wedding apps in India.

Wedding Apps
Wedding Apps

What are wedding apps?

Wedding apps are apps specifically designed to help you one with one or more functions and tasks related to your wedding. These apps have end-to-end functions related to the task they were created for. 

Why you should use wedding apps?

#1. Easy to get tasks done

When it comes to planning a wedding, we know that there are literally thousands of tasks involved. When you use wedding apps, it breaks down tasks into small manageable ones that include all the details. So, it becomes easier to get tasks done.

#2. Easy to track and keep track of information

Any information you put in or search in the wedding app is stored, so you need not worry about losing any information. This is particularly helpful when it comes to logistics apps. Any information you put is streamlined and it’s easy to generate reports that give you all the required information at a glance. 

#3. Won’t forget the little details

When you’re planning such a huge event, it’s easy to not pay much attention to the little things that can disrupt the festivities. But a wedding app can help you manage everything, including even the most minute details. It’ll help you stay on top of things even when you’re being pulled in every direction when planning your big day!

#4. Stay on top of your budget and save time

Wedding apps can help you reduce the amount of time you spend searching for any vendor/service and help you find anything you need easily. Setting up an appointment, connecting, hiring everything is done quickly and doesn’t drag for days. As all the information including the budget is available to you, you can choose to contact people in your price range thereby saving time as well as your hard-earned money!

#5. Do things Independently

A wedding app lets you do anything you want by yourself. They are not so complicated to use and also helps you complete tasks on your own. From budgeting, assigning tasks, taking care of logistics, etc. can be done on your own. So, if you’re not planning a magnum opus wedding, you won’t even have the need for a wedding planner!

What are the different kinds of wedding apps available in India?

  1. RSVP Manager
  2. WedMeGood
  3. Appy Couple
  4. Wedding planner by WeddingWire
  5. Wedding Happy
  6. Iwed Planner
  7. MyWed Wedding Planner
  8. LadyMarry Wedding Planner 

What can these apps do and our verdict

#1. RSVP Manager

As the name suggests, RSVP Manager is an app that can help you manage guest logistics. It is a progressive web app (the next big thing in tech) that is very simple and easy to use. As it is a progressive web app, it cannot be downloaded in the Appstore or Playstore. It needs to be purchased from Wedding Wishlist. As it is not a traditional app, it doesn’t take up any memory space. But this doesn’t limit the functionality of the app in any way. You can add guest details according to the groups they are traveling in, track their arrival and departure dates, manage meal preferences, stay assignments, RSVPs, and generate customized reports.

Your guest can view your wedding invitation, wedding website, guest book, etc. all rolled into one. You can add your story, function details, your gift registry, and even have a social wall for all your messages for your guests. So, you can create a community with a social wall, send messages to your guests and make announcements. This makes it easy for people not attending your wedding to stay in the loop and have a glimpse of the festivities. You can also share images and videos of the ceremony in the gallery section. Not only that even your guests can add their candids or their pics of the wedding to the gallery. 

#3. Wed Me Good

The Wed Me Good app has everything you need to plan your wedding. They have all the vendors listed from almost all the cities in India. These vendors listing comes with their contact information, user ratings, reviews, package and the services they offer. This makes it easy for the user to choose the right vendor for their needs who is within their budget. Wed Me Good also provides a discount on vendors, designers, makeup artists etc. that you can make use of. Even if you’re having a destination wedding, the app makes finding vendors really easy. They even have a separate section for destination weddings. In this section, you’ll find the best vendors of the destination. You’ll also find the best venues and a few tips on the kind of wedding that’ll suit the venue. So, this app will definitely help you plan any kind of wedding you want seamlessly.

Our Verdict: The UI is pretty simple and the app is pretty easy to use. While the app does make finding vendors easy, it’s use ends abruptly there. It doesn’t lend itself to planning your wedding completely. It has no checklist or budget planner to keep track of tasks. 

#4. Appy Couple

Appy Couple is a paid wedding app which is basically your wedding website turned into an app but in a very comprehensive and detailed way. The app contains details of your story, the bridal party, events and all relevant details from timings, dress code to even parking and travel. It also has an RSVP manager and guestbook that it makes it easy for your guests to leave you messages. You can share photos with your guests and they can also share the photos with you. You can also integrate your gift registry in the app. This makes it really easy for your guests to get you meaningful gifts and makes life easy for everyone. 

Our Verdict: This wedding app sure does make sharing your website look fancy. All the information that your guests need to attend your wedding is made available to them in one place. While it’s great for communicating and reaching out to your guests it does not add any value to your wedding planning. 

#5. Wedding Planner by WeddingWire

Wedding planner app offers a myriad of services. Apart from letting you create and share your wedding website. It also has a list of vendors to plan your wedding. You can get vendors listing for everything related to your wedding. From planners, venues, cards top even pandits and trousseau, everything is listed. The app also has a checklist and budget planner that helps you stay on top of things and also manage expenses. You can add guests, manage RSVP and share your wedding website link with them. The app also hosts a community forum. So if you have any wedding-related questions, just ask in the forum and get quick replies from the people in the community!

Our Verdict: Although it doesn’t have such  huge roaster of vendors, it does help you search vendors in your locality. But other than the basic info about vendors, it does not provide reviews. If you have any other questions, you have to contact the vendor directly. It also does not provide all the required information to make an informed decision. 

#6. Wedding Happy

Wedding Happy is one of the best and the most simple apps you can use to plan your wedding. When you log in and put in the wedding details, it asks what role you play in the play in the wedding, so it later lists out tasks accordingly. The app is essentially a checklist that allows you to keep track of everything related and also lists out the tasks according to dates by itself. Follow the calendar and you’ll have a stress free and organized wedding for sure. You can others also to help you plan the wedding, so multiple people can work on it. Also, it lets you add the selected vendors’ information for the task and lets you keep track of rates, whether paid or unpaid and also keep track of the remaining budget. It’s definitely an app that Monica (from Friends) would be proud of!

Our Verdict: The app has a very well thought checklist. But you cannot in any way add, delete or format the tasks in a checklist. The checklist might not fit your type of wedding as it is mostly tailored to suit Western weddings. Also, the payments feature, although very helpful; requires you to set up payments for vendors, you can only keep track of and not make payments through the app. 

#7. Iwed Planner

The Iwed Planner has everything you need to organize and plan a wedding and also has a few other unique features. From big tasks like choosing vendors, keeping track of your appointments etc. it also has a feature to choose your first dance song. Every feature has even the most minute tasks in an elaborate form. For example, when you select the option to choose your first dance song, it takes you to groups, choose the song, organizing the first dance, working with your musicians and also includes dance tips. This is further broken down into even smaller tasks. It also has a feature where you can just upload photos, change hairstyles and see virtually what looks good on you. You can also create a website, gift registry, reminders, seating plan, add a checklist etc. and of course! Each task comes with broken down sub-tasks!

Our Verdict: The app has a very elaborate checklist covering even the minute sub-tasks related to the wedding planning tasks. But this in itself can be complicated at times because a single task can branch out to various different sub- tasks which are really not all that necessary and can complicate things. 

#8. MyWed Wedding Planner

The MyWed wedding planner app is another app that helps you stay on top of your tasks and budget leading up to your big day. You can add any amount of tasks you need for your checklist. You have complete control of what tasks to add and you can also add any number of subtasks you want. Also, you can add your guests’ information and also end RSVP’s and view which guests are going to attend your wedding. You can also keep track of which vendors you’re meeting, which ones you’ve reserved etc. You can keep track of your budget and also invite other people to help you out with your planning via the app.

Our Verdict: Although the app has a checklist that can help you stay on top of things, it is not all that elaborate and also not very intuitive. The app is quite simple which might suit a small, intimate wedding. Whereas it adds no value when you’re planning a fairly big wedding, never mind a big fat Indian wedding. 

#9. LadyMarry Wedding Planner

The LadyMarry wedding planner app is an app that designs customized checklists according to your wedding date. You can also add a gift registry, but the registry is in dollars. The app also lets you search for and pick vendors for your wedding. You can also add a guest list manually or add them through your contacts and also keep a track of who is attending and who is not. You also have an organiser feature where you can keep a track of your budget, vendors paid, unpaid, pending and also add whatever notes you want. It also has a countdown to your wedding. Through this it lets you keep track of all the tasks leading up to your wedding day.

Our Verdict: The UI is pretty simple to use. It has a checklist, vendor management, guest management and even a registry. But the problem is that everything is in US Dollars. They’ve not been customized for the Indian demographic. While this app can provide a good checklist and guest management, it can do little else. 

While wedding apps are becoming increasingly popular when it comes to planning a wedding, there’s still a lot of potentials when it comes to developing an intuitive yet all-encompassing wedding app. As we say, a smart wedding is a happy wedding. Need any pointers on planning the perfect wedding? Visit our ideas page!

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