How to Plan Your Wedding with Wedding Apps – The 2020 Guide

We are all living in tough times right now. With the Corona pandemic taking over the world, life as we know it has come to a halt. Everyone’s in their home and social gatherings are being banned. This has adversely affected everyone’s wedding plans too. India is the land of weddings and is known for its traditions, rituals and colours. But right now, we can see most weddings being cancelled/postponed. Most of them are now being scheduled for winter. So with so many weddings happening in the latter part of the year, you cannot hope to plan your wedding the usual way. This is where wedding technology comes in. Wedding apps are your life saviour and will help you plan a beautiful wedding. 

So, here’s how you can plan the wedding of your dreams completely with wedding apps!

Wedding Apps for Wedding Planning
Wedding Apps for Wedding Planning

#1. Venue and Vendor bookings

The first thing that anyone getting married does in India is to book the venue. With the best venues being booked even a year in advance, this should be your top priority. One app that was solely designed to help you out with this is Wedmegood. The app shows all venues in the city/place you want and lets you see the reviews and estimated prices for them. It also has a wide range of vendor listings. You have so many different types of options for any query you have. You can contact them through Wedmegood initially and after that can take it over. For all vendor listings, you’ll be able to see their review and their speciality and for most, their prices too.

#2. To keep track of vendor bookings and funds 

Now that you’ve booked and spoken to the vendor you want and have chosen the venue too, you’ll start working on the wedding planning. You’ll be working with so many different vendors to make your dream wedding a reality. But this can get overwhelming as you need to keep track of the tasks assigned as well as the funds. One of the best wedding apps for this is Wedding Happy. The app in essential is a checklist that allows you to keep track of tasks done, vendors assigned, rates and also whether they have been paid or not. Additionally, you can also use Google spreadsheet to keep track of everything. It may not be a traditional wedding app, but it sure can help a lot when planning a wedding. 

#3. Invites

Now that you’re working closely with vendors, you’ll see a lot of progress happening and will be quite close to your wedding date. At this juncture, you need to seriously think about the wedding invitations, wedding website and gift registry. One app that can do all this is the Vowed app from Wedding Wishlist. The app will feature your story, functions and the details, your gift registry and a social wall where you can create a community with your guests and share messages and make announcements. Everything is done through the app so it definitely saves you a lot of money, time and other resources.

#4. Overseeing the guest logistics

After sharing your wedding website and wedding invitations, guests will start responding and RSVPing. In this day and age, you’ll definitely have a lot of outstation guests and some might also be from abroad. So, at this point, you need to start thinking about their travel arrangements. One of the best wedding apps for guest logistics is Guested by Wedding Wishlist. The app lets you keep track of the inventory of rooms and vehicles available and which is assigned to who. It also helps you keep track of pickups, drop-offs, room vehicle and driver allotments and also any special requests from your guests. You can either add the guest information manually in the app or populate it through a spreadsheet. You can take different kinds of reports from the app and this can help you manage your guests well and will avoid any unnecessary confusion. 

#5. Sangeet and Cocktail Night

Sangeet and Cocktail Night is one of the most anticipated wedding functions in India. While everything else is managed by your vendors and planners, one thing that you can also take part in doing is creating a playlist for your Sangeet and cocktail party. The best apps for this are Saavn and Spotify. You can choose your favourite songs and create a playlist for your pre-wedding functions and as you know music is essential to these. Do ensure to have a healthy mix between jazz, party songs and also slow couple dance songs so you have something for anyone. 

#6. Lastly, one for Mental health

With one of the most significant days of your lives looming close, you’ll probably have a bazillion thoughts running through your head and it can get overwhelming. Although they don’t fall into you typical wedding apps category, apps like Evernote, Diarium, Penzu can help organize all your thoughts and can also help vent and keep track of what you need to do.

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