20 Best Wedding Bridal Makeup Artists in Bangalore

Wedding Bridal Makeup Artists in Bangalore
Top Wedding Bridal Makeup Artists in Bangalore

The wedding day look is important and that will be remembered for a lifetime, which is why the bride needs the best makeup artist there is. But who is the best and how can she choose from the many that are there? We have compiled a list of the best bridal makeup artists in Bangalore to help make one of the wedding decisions simpler.

#1 Ralph Daniels

Ralph Daniels is one of the best bridal makeup artists in Bangalore there can be. It can be difficult to reach him and book an appointment because he is absolutely brilliant and most wanted amongst many brides. He understands makeup and the bridal requirement of looking stunning. If you want this brilliant makeup artist then you have to reach him now!

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#2 Gouri Kapur

She is a familiar name in the Bollywood and amongst brides too. She transforms the bride to look a princess and will make you fall in love with the way she applies makeup. Her makeup application will make you look flawless and give you a golden glow. Gouri Kapur is a bridal makeup artist in Bangalore who will give you a wedding glow that you have always dreamed of.

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#3 Rekha Krishnamurthy

Rekha understands the bridal requirement thoroughly. Natural looking makeup with emphasize on the eyes, she knows how to subtlely make the bride look stunning. She isn’t called the best bridal makeup artist in Bangalore for nothing!

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#4 Ramya

Your wedding day has to be the most picture perfect day of your life which is why Ramya believes in soft and dewy makeup that will make you look spectacular. Not only is she an amazing bridal makeup artist in Bangalore but also a reasonable one. So, what are you thinking of? Reach out to her!

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#5 Sabrina Suhail

Sabrina very professional bridal makeup artist in Bangalore. She knows what kind of look you want for your wedding and will even give her opinion too! She is creative and best at her and that is what makes her special from the rest. From a soft subtle look to a bold one, she has got it all covered.

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#6 Lekha Neelakantappa

Lekha is now a popular bridal makeup artist in Bangalore. She is well known for the best kohl eye rimmed makeup looks. If you are aiming to go a little traditional and give a lot of focus on your eye makeup, she is the one for you. Brides who have had a traditional wedding and look, recommend her with high praises. Doesn’t this say something?

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#7 Kulsum Parvez

Kulsum has extensive knowledge in Asian bridal looks and is also known as an international bridal makeup artist from Bangalore. She creates unique and creative makeup looks that will leave you and everyone in awestruck. Her skills are phenomenal, and if you have her do your bridal makeup you will truly understand how special she is.

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#8 Anu Chugh

If you are looking out for a bridal makeup artist in Bangalore who can apply makeup that is not only gorgeous but also that lasts for a day, Anu Chugh is the one. She wants to bring the personality of the bride in her makeup and goes for simple but elegant looks. All of her knowledge and experience does not come with a heavy price. So, contact her soon!

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#9 Shalini Narayanan

Clean, elegant and glowing makeup can be done by the ever talented Shalini. She is a bridal makeup artist in Bangalore who is passionate about makeup and truly wants the bride to shine and love herself on her day, the day she has dreamt of all her life. She makes sure that the bride’s facial features are highlighted beautifully.

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#10 Yani Shrivastava

Not a big fan of bling and shimmer for your wedding look, worry not Yani understands that perfectly. She is a bridal makeup artist in Bangalore who applies makeup not with only her vision but also what you dream of. Be it a traditional or modern look she will create the perfect look that will leave you speechless and extremely happy.

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#11 Alifiya Roshan

If you are a perfectionist and want a sophisticated wedding, then Alifiya Roshan is the person. A bridal makeup artist in Bangalore who can create any wedding makeup look that you set your eyes on. She has many years of experience in this field and industry and is guaranteed to do a fantastic job.

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#12 Charumathi GR

The perfect choice of a wedding is Charumathi GR. She has a strong vision and is extremely passionate about makeup. A bridal makeup artist in Bangalore who does not look back on her makeup decisions because it is just stunning. Many brides speak volumes of praises for her, so you can only imagine how incredible she is.

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#13 Sushma Mathur

Sushma is qualified and trained at London’s School of Makeup and Hairstyling. She is a bridal makeup artist in Bangalore who has a reputed name for her stunning work. Her makeup application makes the bride look stunning and ever glowing. If this sounds you then contact Sushma Mathur now!

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#14 Zorains Studio

Zorains is a household name at the Indian Fashion Week, her experience her expertise and knowledge in this field. Her passion for makeup makes her the best bridal makeup artist in Bangalore. She is always inspired by the different looks that makeup can create and is always ready to make the day of the bride even more spectacular.

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#15 Nehad Imran

She goes above and beyond to create the perfect wedding day look and that makes her the best bridal makeup artist in Bangalore. The way she handles makeup and creates flawless stuns everyone. She understands how important the wedding day is to the bride and how the bride has to feel amazing. If you think like she is your makeup soulmate then you should definitely meet her and save the date!

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#16 Shwetha Raju

Traditional, modern, or even cultural understandings cannot stand in the way of Shwetha Raju’s makeup passion. She is always one step ahead in creating a bridal makeup vision and is excited to try new looks for the bride. A bridal makeup artist in Bangalore who is always excited and ready to amp her makeup game is the one you should seek.

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#17 Ambreen Vikharm

Working in different industries and gaining knowledge like she has, brings out an important quality of why Ambreen is a great bridal makeup artist in Bangalore. She understands the makeup palette, skin tones, and wedding vibes; and will make sure that the bride looks absolutely stunning and glowing on D Day.

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#18 Manjusha Bajaj

Manjusha has learnt the technique of airbrush makeup giving her an edge over other bridal makeup artists in Bangalore. Her experience in creating the perfect look will get the bride teary-eyed. She doesn’t hesitate to step out of the traditional makeup norms and loves to add colour and fun to the makeup. After all, your wedding day is the one to be remembered.

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#19 Shruti Badami

Elegant and an au natural look can be created by the perfectionist Shruti Badami. She is a bridal makeup artist in Bangalore who specializes in such looks and never disappoints. If you are a simple person but want a touch of glitz to reach out to Shruti, she has great creative ideas that will have you jumping in joy.

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#20 Gowthami Reddy

Gowthami Reddy is ever ready to give a bride the perfect day with a perfect look. Have you ever met a bridal makeup artist in Bangalore who is equally thrilled as you for your wedding? Gowthami has a great understanding of the bridal makeup and will make you look sweet, stunning and special.

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Bridal makeup artist have a way of making brides look even more beautiful on their wedding day. If you were struggling to find the perfect bridal makeup artist in Bangalore, we hope you are much at ease with the Top 20 listed above!

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