20 Best Wedding Bridal Makeup Artists In Chennai

Bridal Makeup Artists
Best Wedding Bridal Makeup Artists In Chennai

On the big day, the bride wants to look the best, obviously! It is her special day and everything on that day should be incredible! Which means her makeup too has to be on point. A makeup artist can do wonders in making the bride look so radiant and beautiful. So, if you are in search of a
bridal makeup artist in Chennaii, below is a list of them!

#1 Ibrahim

Ibrahim is the most sought after bridal makeup artist in Chennai, and why wouldn’t he be? His work is said to be equivalent to magic, the way he applies makeup and focuses on highlighting the best features of the brides face is beyond exceptional. He understands your bridal vision and works towards making it real. He is also known as a favourite to every bride.

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#2 Meenal Momaya

Meenal Momaya is a leading and most brilliant bridal makeup artist in Chennai! She has been a part of many weddings, perfecting the look of the bride. Her work is neat and stunning, so if you want to look the best on your special day contact Meenal. If you have got her, then you have nothing to worry about.

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#3 Shabas  

Looking for the best bridal makeup artist in Chennai? Shabas makeup artist should be on that list! They have set the standards of makeup so high that you would want them for your wedding. If you want a natural looking yet glamorous makeup for your wedding day then this is the place! It is on every bride to be’s list, now you know how amazing they are!

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#4 Noor Mohammed

An extravagant and special day deserves to have the best bridal makeup artist in Chennai there ought to be! Noor Mohammed’s strokes and detailing adds more sparkle to the bride on her wedding day. Not only does he make her feel confident but also makes sure that all eyes are on her.

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#5 Akrithi Sachdev

She is elegant, classy, and a whole lot fun when it comes to makeup. Akrithi is the an amazing bridal makeup artist in Chennai and will be perfect for you if you want to stand out in a crowd. She focuses on highlighting your quality and bringing out your personality through makeup.

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#6 Bronzer Bridal Makeup

Flawless makeup is done by the ever so perfect bridal makeup artist Viji. She just does not apply makeup but adds a layer of joy and love. Your makeup vision is hers too, and she will make sure that you are the happiest person on your special day. Because to her, you are worth it!

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#7 Samantha Jagan

Samatha fits no bracket, she can do traditional, quirky, classic, and elegant. She can add a twist in your makeup to depict your personality. Now, doesn’t that sound like the most amazing bridal makeup artist in Chennai, like ever?

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#8 Prakruthi Ananth

Want a bridal makeup artist in Chennai who not only is the best but also a trendsetter? Prakruthi Ananth is the one, her work will give you the experience of being a celebrity. There is a certain glow and spark one can notice in a bride whose makeup has been by Prakruthi. If you are impressed by the sound of this, you should definitely give her a call.

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#9 Rachel’s Stylesmith

A bridal makeup artist in Chennai who can make you feel like a celebrity is Rachel. Her work is on point, dewy, and not at all cakey. Her bridal makeup knowledge is vast and experimental. Lately, she has become one of the favourites of many brides-to-be’s.

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#10 G Venkatesh

He has got a lot of experience in the bridal makeup department, and who wouldn’t want that? G Venkatesh is an incredible bridal makeup artist in Chennai with years of experience in making brides look elegant and trendy. He is known as one of the best in the industry. Now, doesn’t that speak volumes?

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#11 Siva

Siva has got bridal makeup at the tip of his fingertips. There is a lot of demand for bridal makeup artists in Chennai, which means every artist has to up their game. Siva surely has. If you are looking for a bridal makeup artist, you know whom to contact.

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#12 Beauty Begins By Leimi

Leimi Phinao has worked with the best of the best in the industry of fashion and makeup, which definitely states the fact of how brilliant she is. Her work gives a nice contrast of traditional and modernity and is really refreshing.

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#13 Sunitha

Sunitha is a classic bridal makeup artist in Chennai, and by classic, we don’t mean plain and boring. She is an incredible artist, her work is stunning and gives a whole new level of beauty and happiness. Add her to your list because she is the best and you don’t want to have it any other way.

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#14 Raj Bridal Makeup

Raj Bridal Makeup, sounds familiar? Well, of course! They are the best bridal makeup artist in Chennai where brides line up to get an appointment. He is a talented, perfect, and brilliant artist. If you are getting married, then you have to have him.

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#15 Ramana Babu

With over 20 years of experience in this industry, one can only expect spot-on work. He has an understanding of the occasion and the vibe that you are going for. A bridal makeup artist in Chennai with years of experience and delicate strokes makes him the perfect choice.

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#16 Vijay Makeup

Affordable and a great bridal makeup artist can be difficult to find in Chennai. Vijay makeup artist is an excellent person if you are in search of such a combination. He works at making the bride look marvellous and glorious on her wedding day!

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#17 Suresh Kumar

Professionalism with an edge in perfection is Suresh Kumar. A bridal makeup artist in Chennai with an attitude that anything is possible. And it is because it is your special day! He knows the latest technique of makeup there is and for sure will make you feel beautiful.

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#18 Jeya Shreevarshini

She knows what you want and how you want to look on your wedding day. A bridal makeup artist who keeps with the trends and also your vision is rare to find. So, if you get her know that you are in good hands!

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#19 Nithyasri

An expert in traditional makeup and also a certified MAC professional. Nithyasri is a reliable and most qualified bridal makeup artist in Chennai. Your wedding day is one to remember, for sure Nithyasri will make you reminisce how beautiful you looked.

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#20 Niruchitra Bridal Makeup

Fascinated with makeup, Niruchitra does a phenomenal job at weddings. They are a genuine and unique bridal makeup artist in Chennai. Their versatility can be seen and expressed through their work and will make you feel happy.

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Finding ‘the one’ bridal makeup artist in Chennai can be tricky because they have to tick all the boxes on your checklist. If you find the perfect one from the above list for your wedding day let us know in the comments below!

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