Sweets are an inseparable part of Indian weddings. Not only are they a delight for the senses but are also a part of Indian religious ceremonies. Our good old barfi and motichoor ladoo’s still seem to hold strong. But how about giving tradition a twist and trying cakes instead. Gorgeous wedding cakes have now,  become an obsession in India. From seven layered cream-plum ones to chocolate cheesecakes, there is no dearth of options which can give your taste buds a heavenly experience. With so much available in the market, picking a cake can be a struggle. Here are some wedding cake trends that could help. We got Shelly Sahay of the famed Elma’s Bakery, New Delhi answer a few questions and give you some tips.

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Before you get swayed by all those delectable cakes, read this.

What intrigues you about baking the most?

S.S: The best thing about baking is that no matter how precise you have to be sometimes you can still end up being surprised by your end product; there are so many wonderful ways to be creative with the decorating process!

Tell us a little about the latest wedding cake trends?Any special summer offerings?

S.S: Naked cakes seem to be still doing the rounds and there seem to be a lot of succulents being used as the rustic theme/ motif to decorate. People are definitely realizing that less is more!

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You top 3 recommendations from the cakes you create

S.S: Our red velvet is beautifully moist with a Philadelphia cream cheese frosting.Black Velvet is our decadent chocolate cake that has lashings of salted caramel! Our Victoria Sponge is an English Classic that has our own homemade berry jam and thick cream sandwiched in between.

What keeps your creative juices flowing? What’s your source of inspiration?

S.S: As they say necessity breeds innovation! I tend to look around the net and pick up food magazines from here and there! Plus, at my age one has seen and been to enough restaurants to have a visual feast to last a lifetime.

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What are the key things one should be careful about while ordering a wedding cake?

S.S: One thing that really needs to be taken into consideration is the distance that the cake has to travel! It’s better to order a cake that has a firmer sponge and hold for those that have to travel quite a distance.

Who are a few master bakers that you look up to?

S.S: Mary Berry