Top 10 Wedding Catering Services In India For A Scrumptious Meal

If there’s one thing that Indian weddings are synonyms to, then it has to be food. No celebration, especially the big fat Indian wedding, is complete without a large buffet. Wedding catering services in India are endless and top priorities too for the planners.

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Wedding Catering Services

So, here’s a list of the top wedding catering services in India, you must consider for that perfect wedding meal:

#1. FNB by Amit Dua

If you’re looking for one of the most sophisticated wedding catering services in the capital city, then Amit Dua is it. They not only makes sure your guests have a scrumptious meal but also personalize your food counters. From serving not just North Indian but also middle eastern and even Mexican delicacies, Amit Dua cuisine is all things fancy and be it a Sangeet, cocktail or the Muhurat, you get it the way you want.

Also recommended: Trupti Caterers (Mumbai) – Been around since the 1980s, especially for royal & high profile ceremonies.

#2. Tandoori Nights

The name says it all, doesn’t it?! Tandoori Nights are very much your go-to wedding catering services if you’re looking for a desi cuisine and a vibrant wedding caterer in India. They customize too, so not just Punjabi, but flavors from around can be pinned down for your big day!

Also recommended: Rajender Caterers

#3. The Indian Catering Company

Now, this one is for the pure vegetarians and the one looking for shudh Jain food. This wedding catering service in India, is known for cooking up delicious Thai, Chinese & even Mughalai food. So the next time someone wants a vegetarian wedding buffet you know who to ping.

But if you’re looking for contrast with lots of salads, sea food and steaks at the wedding, then recommended for this niche is: M Talwar Caterers

#4. Dana Choga

Been around for 25 years now, Dana Choga is not just a wedding caterer service that serves delicious Tandoori & Mughalai delights, but they’re also quite the A to Z of events. So if you’re looking for someone who’ll not just take care of the menu for your big day, but also all the decor & other management, Dana Choga it is.

Also recommended: Negi Caterers

#5. Paramprika

Going down south, Paramprika not just sticks to traditional Tamilian meals, but also brings the authentic flavours of the North down south. From Kambu Curd Rice to Hara Bhara Kebab and a lot more, Paramprika has a whole platter ready for your dear guests.

Also recommended: Jk Catering

#6. Little Food Co

If you’re looking for a wedding catering service in India, who would very much retain your home cooked flavors and not go too heavy on the appetite, then the Little Food Co is a minimalistic experience. From Asian to Mediterranean, Italian and lots of Indian of course, they have a variety of cuisines to offer and have you sorted, for not just the wedding day but also the pre wedding festivities and the many grand celebrations.

Also recommended: XO Catering by design

#7. Eat Drink Design

If you live by the details and are all about aesthetics, then Eat Drink Design is quite the guru in this department. They are particularly known for their presentation styles, signature dishes, and design. We especially loved their dessert array. They are too mouthwatering to resist. So yes, they not only make your wedding menu seem like a dream, but they also take good care of the big day venue as well!

Also recommended: Fork ‘n’ Spoon

#8. Maharaja Bhog

This one is for the Thali lovers. Maharaja Bhog, an iconic place in Mumbai for wholesome Gujarati Thalis, not just fills your tummy with happiness at the restaurant but also during the Phera. So for vegetarians who are looking for a yummy Gujarathi and even Maharashtrian or Rajasthani spread at the wedding, then Maharaja Bhog is the wedding catering service from the west to bookmark.

Also recommended: Thackers, Mumbai

#9. Mini Punjab Caterers

The Singhs of Mini Punjab, apart from serving trademark Amritsari delicacies, are actually known to be the master chefs behind the Koliwada fish frys. They cook up the most authentic and best Koliwada varieties that there is & you’re wedding menu is sure to have a tradition restored if Mini Punjab is the one behind it.

Also recommended: Feeding Concepts

#10. Aleena Caterers

Now, how can an Indian wedding catering service list end without some asli Hyderabadi &  Qawali recommendations? Aleena Caterers are one such group from Hyderabad that brings to you not only authentic Hyderabadi Biryani but also serve the best Kebabs, Jhinga specials, scrumptious Gosht curries, Chat stalls and a lot more. It is a meat feast with Aleena Caterers and definitely the Mughalai caterers to consider.

Also, redefining similar cuisines and event concepts are Ashfaq’s Al-Maharaja.

So, that’s our breakdown on a few of the many wedding catering services in India. So the next time you’re sit down to chart out the plan, for the best part of any wedding – you know what to do!

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