5 Adorable Ways to Include Your Pets in Your Wedding Ceremony

Pets are considered family all over the world. They are a source of joy and offer comfort in the worst of times, so why not include them on one of your most special days? Yes, there are a few logistics you need to take care of when including them in your ceremonies but they are not impossible. Even if it’s impossible to have your pets with you physically at your wedding, there are several different ways you can include them in your wedding ceremony. 

So, here are some ways you can include your pet in your wedding ceremony!

Wedding Ceremony with Pets
Wedding Ceremony with Pets

#1. Matching outfits

The couple’s wedding outfits are going to be a major highlight at any wedding ceremony. So, what you can do is stitch matching outfits for your pet too. If you’re commissioning a custom outfit, you can use the same fabric for your pet’s outfit. If not, you can commission something in a similar fashion or something contrasting yours. You can just commission for a minimal accessory that your pet won’t mind wearing If you feel that wearing a complete outfit will be too cumbersome for your pet. This will definitely make for some adorable pictures. 

#2. Bride/Groom/Couple Entry

Another thing you can do to include your pet in your wedding ceremony is to include them in the bride/groom/couple entry. Let your pet enter with you in the matching outfits or accessories. But beware, they may steal all the spotlight! There are various ways you can make an entry with your pet at your wedding. You can drive a bike with your pet in the sidecar, or enter in a chariot with your pet sitting beside you or just even walking with you to the mandap. It’ll definitely be an ‘Awww’ moment for everyone attending your wedding. 

#3. Include in Decor

This is a surefire way to ensure that your pet is undeniably a part of your celebrations. Include them in the decor of your wedding. You can include their pics in placeholders, in the wedding announcement boards, even style a bush to resemble your pet. You can also commission a flower art or use their photos in the hangings or even commission an ice sculpture to resemble them. 

#4. Include them in food

Another way you can incorporate your pets in your wedding ceremony is through food. You can either opt for foods that resemble them or are inspired by them and name them in a similar fashion. For foods that resemble your pets, opt for cookies, cake toppers, cakes etc. that look like your pets. You can also use vegetable and fruit carvings to resemble them. From cocktails to snacks you can inspire just anything from your pet. You can either choose the flavour or ingredients that your pet loves or do something that resembles your pet’s personality. The choice is yours.

#5. Return gifts

Another way you can incorporate your pets at your wedding ceremony is by including their pictures or a plushy that resembles them or a little sculpture that looks like in the wedding gifts or the in-room hampers that your guests get. You can also include the above-discussed pet cookies and cakes also to the hampers and return gifts. You can either print your pet’s photo in the notecard or print it on the custom made labels for the food and drinks packets in the hamper too!

Image Credits: Clicks Unlimited Photography

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