Wedding Etiquettes for Couples and Guests in Corona Times

We all know that Corona has completely changed life as we know it and it’s going to take years to get back to the old normal. So this has changed the etiquettes and the basic way things function for literally everything including weddings. With a tiny guest list, weddings are transitioning right now to home and online weddings. With these new trends, there’s also a new set of wedding etiquettes for the guests as well as the couple.

Here’s everything the couple, as well as the guests, need to know about wedding etiquettes in Corona times!

Wedding Etiquettes for Corona Times
Wedding Etiquettes for Corona Times

For the Couples:

#1. Save the dates or Change of dates?

 We know that this situation can be unpredictable. So, it’s a given that there might be some unpredictable changes to your plans. At this time, couples are sending their wedding invitations quite closer to their wedding date. But if it so happens that you need to change the wedding date, let the guests know as soon as you can. The best thing to do would be to send the change of dates with a call and a message. But if you really can’t decide on a date, inform that to your guests too and tell them you’ll keep them posted on the developments. 

#2. Health and safety

One of the wedding etiquettes that are absolutely essential in these corona times. The new etiquette when having your wedding is to plan it in such a way that your guests can comfortably practice social distancing. Arrange for hand sanitizers to be placed all around the wedding hall or home (if you’re having a home wedding.) Also, keep masks and temperature guns on hand. Check the temperature of your guests as well as your vendors to ensure everyone’s safety. 

#3. Are live streaming and zoom calls essential?

Well, while it may not fall into the good wedding etiquettes bucket, we can say that your guests would surely love to be a part of your special day virtual or otherwise. It’s a given that not each and every family member or friend will get to witness your big day. So the easiest and the best thing you can do is opt for a virtual wedding. This way you get to share the joy and happiness with people that are miles away. They’ll also get a chance to not miss out on their loved ones getting married!

#4. Uninviting guests

If you had planned for a large a and already sent out invitations, then you need to minimise your guest list. This is something you absolutely have to do, so it won’t be in bad taste to do so. But the way you do it is the most essential. Send out the message as soon as you can to all the guests you want to uninvite. Make sure you explain why and follow up the message with a warm call to everyone. With the COVID-19 situation, your guests will definitely understand and appreciate your decision. 

#5. The grand Indian spread

Food is an essential part of Indian weddings and every couple would love to entertain their guests with a delicious meal. But, at this time you’ll definitely be in two minds when it comes to wedding etiquettes regarding food in corona times. Well, we’d suggest you opt for a small buffet spread where things are kept hot and are at least 6 feet apart. This ensures that your guests don’t come in contact with anyone and also set up the dining facility in such a way that your guests can maintain social distancing as that is the time that everyone will have to take off their masks. 

#6. Gifts and return gifts

Well, when it comes to your wedding gifts, the best thing you can do for your guests is set up a gift registry. This way the guests know exactly what you want and have a lot of options to choose what fits their budget. It’s very important in corona times as the gift registry enables your guests to purchase your wedding gift online and since the gift registry company packs and sends the gift to the couple, the guests need not risk their safety and well-being. It also allows guests who couldn’t be a part of the big day physically to contribute something meaningful. Giving wedding return gifts falls under the good wedding etiquette category. But the major problem you’ll face at this time is sourcing. So opt for stuff you can source locally instead of fancy ones. Stuff like gourmet would be your best bet.

For the guests


This is one of the wedding etiquettes that holds true in both pre corona and post corona times. When couples send you an invite or get on a call with you, ensure that you RSVP as fast as you can. If you’re immunocompromised and feel like going to the wedding will put you in additional risk, convey it to the couple and RSVP no. But be clear in your decision and convey the same to the couple beforehand so that they can invite other people too since the couples are forced to invite just 50 people to their wedding. 

#2. Safety first

It is really important to stay safe in these trying times. The first and foremost thing you can do to keep yourself and everyone around safe is to wear a mask. Even amidst the festivities ensure you don’t take off the mask. Wear gloves and carry a bottle of hand sanitizer with you and keep sanitizing and washing your hands regularly. Avoid touching your face and also avoid coming in close contact with other people. Follow whatever special guidelines or requests that the couples have in place at their wedding without question. 

#3. Gifting 

Good wedding etiquette is to purchase the gifts from the couples wedding gift registry. If they’ve created a gift registry, ensure that you purchase gifts from their registry. But if you really want to surprise them with something special, personal and meaningful, you can definitely do that. But if you don’t know or are thinking of getting them a clock or something similar, it is best to the registry. If the couple has not created one, you can definitely urge them to do so and explain how a gift registry works!

#4. Be a happy guest

This is one of the most important wedding etiquettes. Be a cheerful and happy guest at their wedding if you’re attending it personally. These are trying times and most couples have to settle for a wedding amidst a pandemic instead of their dream wedding. So be kind and shower them with love and happiness and take joy in being a part of their big day!

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