Top Wedding Gift Brands That You Would’ve Never Thought Of

A wedding day is something that’s very close to the couple’s hearts. A day where they vow to become a ‘we’ and face everything together ahead in life is surely a huge deal. As guests, when you get invited to these ceremonies it’s an honour that a couple wants to share their most special day with you. As a result, we are sure that you would like to gift the couple something they’ll like or will be useful to them. But finding the perfect wedding gift can be elusive sometimes.

wedding gift
wedding gift

So here’s a list of brands that you never thought could make for a great wedding gift:

#1. Ekaani

Ekaani is a premium lifestyle and luxury brand launched by Brijbasi group. The product portfolio ranges from décor to puja products. The mix of contemporary and traditional designs make this brand unique. Keeping the Indian culture alive along with a modern twist, this brand will surely be a top pick for a wedding gift! If you’re looking for products that the couple will love to have in their home then this would be a great choice. Ekaani offers a huge range of products and does not stick to the typical gifting products.

#2. Noritake

Noritake is a Japanese company that is a name to reckon with in chinaware and fine tableware. All the products are elegant and they range from having simple to intricate designs- Something for everyone! The Porcelain is of high quality and the designs are truly exquisite. Their aim is to provide luxurious dining sets and their designs are fine examples. Gift the couple a regal dining experience with dining set from Noritake. Also, China is perceived to bring good luck in some cultures!

#3. Coppre

Traditional and heirloom cookware is making a comeback in people’s kitchen these days. Leading this trend is the Indian start-up- Coppre! Coppre offers utility, cutlery and wellness products. The copper products are handcrafted by local artisans. All the products are free of harmful chemicals like nickel and chromium. What’s better than gifting the couple a healthy life? They’ll definitely appreciate you thinking about their well being. Coppre’s designs are also sleek and modern. So you won’t have any complains there!

#4. Kanakavalli

Kanakavalli is an Indian sari brand that specialises in Kanchivaram silk sarees. They also offer a selection of fine jewellery and accessories to go with your saris. The designs are a little modern mixed with a whole lot of traditional. They also offer a cotton saree collection for the non-silk enthusiasts. If you know the bride is into wearing saris then surely a gift card from Kanakavalli as a wedding gift will be greatly appreciated. The designs and the material make this one of the most authentic Kanchivaram silk sari brands. The collection is truly phenomenal!

#5. Cherry Tin

Cherry Tin is an online store specialising in a range of gifting items for different corporate and personal occasions. With an emphasis on quality, packaging, aesthetic appeal and functionality, each product from the brand’s curated collection makes for a memorable gift. With a portfolio that spans gourmet, leather, silver, stationery and home, Cherry Tin’s products are designed to delight the receiver. A perfect brand for a perfect wedding gift.

#6. Broken Compass

Broken Compass is a boutique travel company based in Mumbai, and specialises in customized holiday plans. They work on your holiday based on your travel personality, requirements and budget, and so, would be perfect for your honeymoon planning. Today’s millennial couples believe in travelling together and creating memories that last a lifetime through these experiences. Gift cards from travel companies like Broken Compass would definitely make them the happiest!

#7. The Rug Concept

The Rug Concept is an Indian brand that offers a diverse range of handcrafted rugs using high-quality materials like wool and viscose. All rugs are beautifully handcrafted by skilled artisans and each rug is produced by roughly 20 people through all production processes. The designs are very varied and they have something for everyone. Just make sure that the rug goes well with the overall style of the room.

#8. Purple Turtles

The Purple Turtles is an Indian brand with a bohemian style of products. It is a one-stop eclectic destination for home decor, custom lighting, furniture, gifting accessories and furnishings. They offer various choices in designs, sizes, materials, fabrics and colours to choose from and customize the products. That’s why a gift voucher from Purple Turtles is the best wedding gift you could give. They can choose whatever they want to suit their style and even customize them. What could make this even more perfect?

#9. Ahalya

Ahalya is an Indian brand that is known for its heritage fabrics and handcrafted jewellery. Their designs are contemporary and inspired by the traditional designs. The unique thing about them is that they allow you to design your own jewellery if you want and also help in re-modelling old jewellery. This is more suited to the bride and if she is into jewellery then she’ll truly appreciate a well-designed piece from Ahalya. Just make sure that it suits her taste. If you don’t know the bride that well then choose something classic and elegant and don’t go too wild with the choices.

#10. Art Houz

Art Houz is a leading contemporary art gallery from South India. It features young artists as well as the old. Art Houz displays traditional art designs as well as modern contemporary. It also hosts various exhibitions and competitions. The art pieces here are unparalleled as sometimes you’ll even find a fusion of modern art with the traditional ones. Art pieces from here would make for a great wedding gift if the couple is into art and hanging art pieces in their home.

A simpler and more practical gifting solution would be creating a gift registry. A wedding gift registry helps the couple get the gifts they actually want and it also takes away the stress of choosing a perfect gift from the guests. Any product from the above brands would surely make for a great wedding gift. But if you encourage the couple to create a gift registry and gift them something from that then it’d surely be a perfect wedding gift!

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