What to Gift a Couple? Wedding Gift Ideas for Every Guest!

One question that never gets old- What is an ideal wedding gift? The answer needs to be sought through a forever confusing maze of choices, with so many factors to consider before answering this question. One must not only consider their relationship with the couple- aka which portion of the wedding guest pyramid do they fall in, but also various other dynamics.

Are they friends with both the bride and the groom or only one of them, do they know the couple personally or its a professional relationship, were the couple invited to their wedding if it has already taken place. If yes, then what wedding gift did they give- which now needs to be returned in kind, and many, many more of these. Figuring out a thoughtful wedding gift is one of the most difficult levels of this extreme adulting championship, but don’t worry, we are here to help you out a bit to ace this game.

Wedding Gift Ideas for Every Guest
Wedding Gift Ideas for Every Guest

Here’s our take on wedding gift ideas for every type of guest:

#1. The Socially Obligated Guest:

All of us have been here. You know the couple, sometimes just one of them, through a distant family member. But since you happen to live in the same city, you are now obliged to turn up for their wedding because someone in their family once attended some wedding in your family and now it has come upon you to fulfil the sole reason for your existence in this family, the paying of the wedding debt. Or, a friend of a friend of a friend who you have met only at parties and social gatherings invited you because, well, you are nice. Or, a wedding in the family of a colleague. You get the hang. Someone who is tertiary, and not a part of even your secondary social circle. 

The ideal wedding gift for someone like this would be something that is not personal, but is useful and shows some thought put into it. A gift card is an ideal choice- it allows you to customise the denomination, and it gives the couple the flexibility to use it to get something they would like, and it is way better than giving them flowers that will cost you money but will go totally wasted and will be thrown out the following day.

#2. The Not Close but friendly enough Guest:

People you know well through family, or once upon a time friends who are birthday wishing acquaintances now, people you haven’t spoken to in years but have known for a long while. You can’t give an absolutely impersonal wedding gift, but don’t know what would be an appropriate gift at all, given you know nearly nothing about them.

Generic personal use product hampers are usually a good choice for such weddings. An assortment of commonly used products like soaps, body butters, body mists, body lotions and so on and so forth. Remember to keep it casual, and general. Choose wisely, go for safer tastes in fragrances etc, and aim for the person you know best in the couple. If you know both equally, get gender-neutral products. This will be a classy and useful gift, while being not too heavy on your pocket, and appropriate mix of personal yet non-impositional. 

#3. The Secondary Circle Guest:

People you know fairly well but aren’t close enough to, to be a part of your inner circle. Family friends, third cousins, colleagues but not buddies, friends who are not your regular hanging out or video call in distress friends but you have had meaningful conversations with them, and think of them with some level of affection. 

Since the stakes go up in this case, you are looking at continued engagement with the couple, the ideal wedding gift needs a little more thought and substance to it. Gift them something for their home. A set of kitchenware or dining ware are great options to begin with. If they have a registry, nothing like it. If not, then you can get them a set of drinking glasses, a set of beautiful planters, a lamp set or something along the lines of these home decor/utility items that speak of your taste and individuality while also showing effort, thought and affection. 

#4. The Inner Circle Guest:

If it’s your Veere di wedding, then you should focus on the don’ts more than the do’s actually. Don’t ignore the couple’s gift registry because you think you know better. Trust us, you don’t. Don’t impose your choices on the couple if you feel that they don’t share your taste and vibe in things. Don’t give them a thoughtless wedding gift.

If they don’t have a wedding registry, you can offer to sponsor something from the wedding itself. It could be anything, depending on your budget- a piece of bridal attire or jewellery, a bridal shower luncheon, bridal makeup/groom makeup, wedding badges, pre-wedding photography. There will be a plethora of options to choose from, and the couple will really appreciate it, and by doing this, you will also get to be a part of the wedding in a way that they will always remember. Cash is also always a great idea, and so is jewellery, but with jewellery, make sure that you give something wearable and not something baroque and way too traditional which will in all probability never see the light of the day once gifted. 

Still confused? Check out some great options here to find out the ideal wedding gift for you to gift in the next wedding you go to.

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