Cash Out


If you’re a regular wedding attendee, you’re familiar with the huge pile of gifts that the newlyweds will accumulate within an hour of tying the knot. Big or small, ultimately it’s the thought that counts, not the size of the present. It’s that logic, along with the belief that cash is a ‘practical’ option that leads to so many discreetly labelled envelopes being handed over at the venue. However, is cash the only practical option? Or just the easiest?

It is possible to combine functionality and sentiment while purchasing a wedding present. All you need to do is gift responsibly. What constitutes a practical wedding gift idea? Here’s a list of ideas for wedding gifts to choose from:

Plate It Up!

wedding-905240_960_720While most couples are happy to settle for a few nice plates (and stock up on cheap ones), there is something to be said for having a nice dinner set, complete with bowls. Typically, couples purchase dinner sets a few years into their marriage when they have the funds and are starting to entertain. That being said, why not save them the trouble and gift it to them? A dinner set is a valuable investment that will stand the test of time. Many families have dinner sets that are passed down from mother to daughter – your wedding gift could be a heirloom someday!

For Your Walls


Though taste is subjective, a tasteful piece of art is always a good present. Art, though not a budget option, is a gift that keeps giving. A good piece is eye catching and soul stirring – and the value of such pieces often appreciates, making it a very practical investment. Beautiful and pragmatic? What more could you ask for? Additionally, art pieces are great personalised gifts for men and women, and are something for the whole family to treasure.

A Little R&R


Even if you’re a restful bride (or groom), weddings are chaotic, and often the newlyweds will have little or no time to relax and kickback before they head back to the daily grind. Honeymoons are a luxury that not everyone can afford. Ensure that your friends get the treatment they deserve by gifting them a holiday they will never forget! A few days at a spa, off the beaten path, will do them a world of good. You’ll be doing them a favour, and will give them the chance to make memories that they will never forget.

Bits & Pieces


There’s no rule that decrees that you have to buy only one present. Knickknacks, household necessities, tableware, glassware, and gadgets are all responsible gift options. Any of these items would be a welcome addition to a new home. Though your friends may have all the necessities, small personal touches are also important to their comfort. Your present will help them make a home out of a house, something that they will definitely appreciate.

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