5 Unbelievable Wedding Gift Ideas You Should (Definitely) Know

What’s the best way to make the happy couple a tad bit happier? A wedding gift so amazing that it brings a huge smile on their face. And this is no easy task, given that a couple would get hundreds of wedding gifts on their big day. So how do you make yours stand out? It’s not always about the gift per se, but also about the way you package and present it. There are so many wedding gift ideas on the internet

Wedding Gift Ideas
Wedding Gift Ideas

Here are some easy tips and wedding gift ideas to make your gift truly unforgettable.

#1. The Gift

Ok, so this one’s obvious. The starting point of a memorable gifting experience is the gift itself. In the slew of wedding gift ideas make sure to stay away from the usual suspects to avoid repeats. So no crockery, photo frames, lamps or items that require little thought. The idea should be to choose a gift that the couple is unlikely to re-gift. Go for something personalized like stationary, monogrammed towels, initialled cufflinks or the like. Alternatively, an experience they would enjoy like a couple’s massage, a meal at their favourite restaurant or a stay-cation is always welcome. Plan for something that’s meaningful to the couple and fits within your budget.

#2. The Sentiment

So you’re done with step one and chosen a great wedding gift. The next thing to do is to accompany it with a personal note that expresses your sentiments to the couple. A wedding is an emotional new beginning for the bride and groom, and heartfelt wishes and blessings are always appreciated. Share something about your memories with the couple and make it anecdotal. Based on your relationship, this could be funny, cheeky or awe-inspiring—as long as it comes from your heart it will be loved and remembered by the couple.

#3. The Packing

Who doesn’t like a beautifully packed gift? In a sea of store-packed boxes, a wedding gift that is wrapped lovingly is definitely going to stand out. Think ribbons, laces, frills and bows! Or if you’re going for the androgynous look, scrap paper, strings and ribbons are a great choice. It doesn’t have to be perfect; it just has to be a reflection of the effort and care you’ve put into the gift.

#4. The Timing

What is the point of the perfect wedding gift if the couple does not even get to appreciate it fully? WHEN you give your gift to the couple is as important a consideration as any of the above, if you’re trying to create the perfect gifting experience. Most gifts are given during the reception or in-between functions when the couple does not have the time or the attention span to appreciate your gift. Finding the right time, ideally, a few days before the wedding, is an important factor in ensuring they fully appreciate your effort. Further, it eliminates the chance of a lost tag or damage.

#5. The All-In-One Solution

All of the above wedding gift ideas sound like a lot of work right? If you have a busy wedding season coming up, we can understand your laziness! And we also have the perfect solution. Get the couple to create a gift registry on Wedding Wishlist, where they can create a list of gifts they would love to receive. Buy or contribute towards anything on this list, and let us do all the hard work for you. We’ll pack, write your gift message on beautiful stationery and have it delivered to the couple when and where they want.

And that’s not even the best part! For every successful referral, you and the couple get six months of free movies at PVR Cinemas. Can wedding gift ideas get any better?

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