All About Ashley & Vignesh’s Wedding Gift Registry Journey!

“It fascinated me that people could get to choose what they really wanted as gifts at their wedding”.

Ashley, Wedding Wishlist bride

We are sure that you all agree technology is one of the greatest inventions of mankind. It has made life easier in various aspects, and weddings are no exception. The pandemic has only accelerated its adoption, with the wedding gift registry and virtual weddings taking center stage.

Ashley & Vignesh's wedding gift registry
Ashley & Vignesh’s wedding gift registry

Here is the story of Ashley & Vignesh who went all out with a wedding gift registry and virtual wedding services for their wedding.

The Rendezvous

“I was a newbie at work and he was a senior. We met for the first time when we were put on the same team. It took some time for me to get adjusted to my new reality. Three months in, we started talking. The fun was never-ending with him around. People always assumed that we were a couple even when we were just friends. A few months later, I started liking him a whole lot more and I realized that it was more than friendship. After some time, we became a couple.”

The Proposal

One romantic evening at the park was all it took for Vignesh to confess his love for Ashley. Though secretly happy deep down, Ashley needed a few more days to feel the magical spark. It wasn’t too long before she realized that Vignesh is the guy who made her feel like herself, who will be there for her no matter what. Ashley finally reciprocated her love to the quirky guy she could laugh her heart out with.

The Wedding Plan

Having always dreamt of having an intimate wedding, COVID was a blessing in disguise for Ashley. “COVID helped me have the wedding that I have dreamt of!” says Ashley. Although the size of the guest list was influenced by the pandemic, the wedding gift registry was no new concept to the couple. Their field of work dealt with registries for clients from abroad, so they knew they had to have one for their own wedding. “It will make it easier for the guests to get something from the list rather than putting too much thought into it”, says Ashley. Just when they thought that a wedding gift registry was unheard of in India, Ashley came across Wedding Wishlist. “I was so excited that I could finally experience it for myself”, she shares. 

Into the Future

COVID19 has made our lives so challenging yet things have changed around for the better in certain aspects. Smaller wedding gatherings, for instance, have moved weddings online. With virtual weddings, no guest is left out of the celebrations! “It is really great that we get to witness weddings of close friends and family members virtually due to the travel restrictions in practice”, says Ashley. The couple also strongly believes that virtual weddings are a trend that is here to stay, and we cannot agree more.

The Wise Words

The pandemic has brought in a lot of uncertainties in wedding planning, so the couple stresses on being organized as far as the wedding preparations are concerned. In their own words – “Start planning ahead and jot down everything that you need as you remember it. Maintain a checklist to keep up with the progress. Never leave anything out until the last minute.”

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