Wedding Gift Registry Favours Keep the Celebration Exciting

Wedding season is the most exciting season where everyone involved is joyous to be a part in the celebration. Once a couple decides to get married they have a list of things they want to do and consider. In the past year, the COVID-19 pandemic brought about multiple challenges, it taught us how to navigate through them. While there were many uncertainties and hurdles, most couples had to work around a plan to celebrate their special day. Now, a wedding celebration includes many aspects, like – rituals, the reception, great food and company of friends and family; but there is one more piece that keeps the essence of the celebration exciting, Gifts. With couples either postponing or preponing their wedding, and some even indulging in a virtual wedding; a gift registry is the new trend.

wedding gift registry
wedding gift registry

So, what is a gift registry?

It is a service for those celebrating, where they create a wishlist of gifts they would like to receive on their special occasion. This helps guests choose a gift that they will love while staying within their budget. They can buy or contribute towards any gift on the wishlist. A gift registry can also be used for any milestone occasions such as weddingsbirthdaybaby showeranniversary and housewarming.

A modern twist!

In a traditional sense, wedding gifts could be something that their guest wants to share with them. However, in recent times; couples are now seen adopting a more western gifting approach and that is by creating a gift registry. While gifts are always appreciated, wedding gift registry builds the excitement a notch higher. Through a gift registry, couples are able to share exactly what they want to help start their new beginning. Now, one may wonder isn’t it strange to be asking guests to get you something. The answer is, not really. Creating a wedding gift registry allows your guests to ponder over gift ideas that they plan to shower you with. Plus, it gives them an insight into things that you truly want and will use, since the gift registry is created by you! 

It is a tradition as old as time. A wedding registry keeps up with that tradition but with a modern twist to it.

What can you add to your gift registry?

Near or far, guests always shower the newlywed couples with gifts. Speaking of far, there are often times when relatives or friends cannot make it to the wedding and so are unable to send across gifts. This is where a gift registry comes into play. Creating a gift registry will make them happy as they will also be participating in your wedding (in a way).

#1. Products

Now, it is given that first option will always be products. Couples have the freedom to add from any website and unlimited products. Bedroom to kitchen, everything you need to start you new life!

#2. Cash

The perfect gift when you are confused about what to add. Many couples move to a different city or a country after the wedding and cash is something which will help them build their life in a foreign place. Whether it is buy a new house or to set the house, or use it for honeymoon, the choices are unlimited!

#3. Experiences

Couples can not only add physical items like cookware, wine glasses, etc. but can also add in experiences that they would like to engage in. This makes the wedding gift registry filled with wide variations and options for your guests to choose from.

#4. Charities

Even if couples do not want their guests to buy them gifts from a gift registry, they can also add in the option of a charity. Donating to a cause that means a lot to them. Be it animal shelter, orphanages or empowerment of women, helping someone in need is a noble thing and you can be a part of this. Isn’t this amazing?

A smart option!

A wedding gift registry can be considered as a new concept of gifting, gifting that is now easy and convenient. It is the new age gifting wherein, couples can share links to webpages with items or experiences they want for their travels and their friends and family can very simply get that exactly for them. Gift registry keeps things simple, hassle-free and smart (given the smartphone age). When you have the means and the technology why not use it to the fullest. To simply put it in a sentence, a wedding gift registry is easy, effective and can very well be placed into your guests budget ~ this saves your guests from overspending and you get exactly what you had your eye on! 

A gift registry leaves the couple hopeful of the experiences they will have once they tie the knot. All the gifts are meaningful and will be useful to them. Be it a product or experiences, it is something that they will love and enjoy together. This is the essence of gifting, isn’t it?

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