Amazing Personalized Gifts to Add to Your Wedding Gift Registry

Your wedding is the day you live out your whims and fancies because it is your day, and you are to be showered with love and incredible wedding gifts. One way to ensure you receive the best gifts; that you will surely enjoy is to create a wedding gift registry. Although the concept of a wedding gift registry is slightly foreign, modern couples are adopting them as part of their wedding planning. An increasing trend seen amongst couples is the rise of a personalized wedding gift registry. With the ability to customize gifts the start of your new home and beginning with your partner will be extremely special and unique. Now, if you’re wondering where you will find a wedding registry that will suit you and fulfill all your gift wishes, then you have come to the right place! Once you go through the endless list, your heart will want them all. But if you need help with shortlisting the gifts, leave that up to us and scroll below – 

Wedding gift registry
Wedding gift registry

#1. Cork Coasters

Everyone should have a coaster at their home, it is a must if you are setting up your new home. With these eco-friendly cork coasters, you can begin your new life chapter on a happy note. Create with beautiful craftsmanship and incredible customizable designs, this cork coaster should be a part of your wedding gift registry – hands down!

#2. Love Glass Bottle

Water is essential, there’s no lying about that. So, why not register for cute and extremely lovely glass bottles with a ceramic lid? The design and love print on this bottle is very cute but can be further personalized to what you want. Add this to your wedding gift registry without a doubt! 

#3. Pierre Cardin Fountain Pen 

Keep the spark and romance alive even beyond the honeymoon phase! Adding this personalized Pierre carding fountain pen to your wedding gift registry will surely give you an excuse to write a love letter to your partner. Don’t just smile thinking about it, go ahead and add it to your registry!

#4. Family Name Plate 

Moving into a new home with your partner calls for a nameplate for your front door. Something to announce to the world that you’ll are a union, apart from the wedding (jk). You have to agree, there’s just something about a nameplate. This wooden nameplate is crafted beautifully and should be included in your wedding gift registry. Wouldn’t you agree? 

#5. Jute Cushion 

Who doesn’t love a cozy-personalized cushion that they can just relax on? If you and your partner enjoy lazing around and relaxing then this jute cushion is a perfect inclusion to your wedding gift registry. The best part about this cushion is you can personalize it with name initials or an image, making it very special. 

#6. Wooden Key Holder

We highly recommend getting this key holder to avoid any future arguments about misplacing keys because we know how fun that is (rolling our eyes). But here’s the amazing catch behind this, you get to make this keyholder fun; you can get it personalized with your photographs or names! Go ahead, include this in your wedding gift registry.

#7. Wine Glasses

Why not get add this pair of extremely gorgeous long-stemmed wine glasses? You are newly married, enjoy wonderful wine and cheese nights. Get drunk in love, sway to romantic music and gaze into the eyes of each other. Sounds lovely, doesn’t it? Then what are you waiting for, add this to your wedding gift registry?

#8. Salt & Pepper Wedding Clock 

A classic yet cheesy wedding clock is compulsory in a wedding gift registry. Celebrate your love by customizing this wedding clock with a photograph you love so that every time you wake up or pick up the call it brings a smile to your face 🙂

#9. Next Floral Hand Towel Set 

A set of hand towels personalized with your names or monograms are a must after a wedding, right? It is like a rite of passage for every couple. It has to be a part of your wedding gift registry, it is what it is. 

#10. Silver Cufflinks 

Amp up your wedding gift registry with a special gift to your partner. These silver cufflinks are gorgeous and are the perfect addition to his wardrobe. 

#11. Love LED Bottle

Love is in the air and especially after you get this LED bottle. It is a perfect decoration piece for your new home and something that definitely lights up the place on any occasion. Isn’t this something you would love to include in your wedding gift registry? 

#12. Magic Mug Set

This magic mug set is really something you should have in your wedding gift registry! To the normal eye, it may seem like a normal ceramic mug set, but once a hot drink is filled in, the text on the mug is displayed. A true message of who the real boss is reflected. Now, who wouldn’t love this? 

#13. Shot Glass Set with Wooden Holder 

Don’t shoot this idea down. Think about it, when the clock strikes midnight on New Year’s eve, for truth or dare games, this fun little shot glass set will make perfect sense to you. Don’t hesitate, get your hands on this ASAP! 

#14. You & Me Photo Frame

In your new home with the beginning of your new chapter, you ought to have a photograph or an image carved on a wooden frame! It is sweet, a memorable piece that will always spark a happy conversation and great memories attached to it. It is something that you and your partner will cherish, for a lifetime. Add this wooden frame to your wedding gift registry, you will not regret it. 

Honestly, it is difficult for us too; to choose the best gifts for the wedding gift registry. We love them all, but we believe that these gifts will be cherished and adored forever. Hopefully, you are in love with the selected few, if not then you can find more here

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