Wedding Gifting Resolutions 2019

The New Year is here. And as is the case with every New Year, it’s a bit top heavy on the resolutions. After all, isn’t that what January is for? So not one to be left behind, we at Wedding Wishlist have got some wedding gifting resolutions for every guest attending a wedding this year. And they’re not so hard to follow, so here’s hoping you don’t forget all about them by early Feb…

 Thou shall THINK before you gift

Sounds silly, right? Well, it’s not. Let’s break this down into the simple truth. Think about the couple before you decide what to gift them. Would a couple moving to London post their wedding REALLY need or carry along that huge (albeit beautiful) crystal vase you’re planning to give them? And yes, there was an amazing sale on cushion covers. But how useful is that motley of prints left in the store for anyone? Just put yourself in the couple’s shoes and think if they would really use the wedding gifts you’re getting them.

 Thou shall gift ON TIME

Laziness is a gift we seem to have in abundance here in India. And like most things in life, it takes over our gifting ideology. Give the gift during the course of the wedding. There is simply no reason good enough (unless you’re awaiting delivery on an amazing pre-ordered gift) to get the couple something months or even weeks after their wedding. The charm of a gift is most when it is given at the right time and place.

Wedding Gifting etiquettes

Wedding Gifting etiquettes

Avoid RE-GIFTING at all costs!

Yes, we all re-gift. It’s the inevitable truth of Indian weddings. We get things we will never, ever use, and so we give it to someone else. Some gifts are born with the destiny of just being re-gifted! Know why? Because they were terrible gifts, to begin with! No couple deserves that on their special day, and if you were an unlucky recipient of such a gift, vow to end it right there. Give something meaningful and memorable. After all, you don’t want to be the person who gave a parrot showpiece to the couple.

 Make wedding gifting BETTER

2019 is a great year for gifting, because the wedding gift registry has emerged as a top wedding trend. With Bollywood biggies like Deepika Padukone and Priyanka Chopra adopting this for their weddings, and the service being readily available in India now, this trend is all set to conquer the gifting arena. So next time you get invited to a wedding, insist that the couple has a gift registry, so you can be sure your gift is meaningful, loved and used. And it’s great for you! You can bid good-bye to the guesswork as well as the hassle of carrying a box around on the wedding day.

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