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Avinaba and Neha, a smart and tech-driven couple tied the knot a couple of months ago in a beautiful wedding ceremony among the people they love. Having met in college and dated for about 10 years, it was the parent’s pressure that made them decide that it was time to seal the deal. While their wedding was mostly planned and managed by their parents, there was one thing they took over. The wedding gifts! Isn’t that one of the many exciting things about the post-wedding phase While most couples get disappointed during this time, this duo decided to take control of the situation and planned their own wedding gifts. 

“We were moving into a new house and we definitely didn’t want repetitive gifts.” said the couple. 

Wedding Gifts Plan by Avinaba & Neha.
Wedding Gifts Plan by Avinaba & Neha.

Here’s how they smartly planned for their wedding gifts so that they as well as their guests would be happy. 

Gift Cards 

The couple knew they were moving into a new house. But they hadn’t finalized a house. In such a situation it made sense for them to make a list of the things they would probably need and buy them off Amazon later. 

“We knew what we needed broadly but we couldn’t make a finalised list because of the delay in selecting a home. So we decided to collect all the contributions in the form a gift card and buy the things we need later,” said Avinaba. 

Home Appliances

Since theirs was a college love story, the duo had a big college group. They also had several office circles. 

“When I go to a colleague or a friend’s wedding I always prefer to pool in money with my friends and then gift the couple something that is of high value. With my wedding, I knew that our friends would prefer the same,” said Neha, 

So the couple decided to pick some high-value appliances that they would anyway need irrespective of where or how the house is. A TV, water purifier, an OTG and a recliner is what they zeroed down to add to the registry. This was a smart decision because their friends did end up buying these high-value appliances as wedding gifts that could have cost the couple a bomb after all the wedding expenses. 

Immediate use of contributions on the day of the wedding

Although Avinaba and Neha did their best to inform guests about the gift registry, there were some guests who insisted on giving the cash. In such a situation, the couple had the presence of mind to immediately use the money to buy things on the registry that weren’t bought. 

“We bought some of the stuff on the registry in the name of the guest as soon as we received the cash. That way the contribution of the guest was recorded in the Wedding Wishlist database and I didn’t have to worry about thinking of a way to spend the cash later on,” said Avinaba.  

So this is how this tech duo made use of technology to plan their wedding gifts better. Do you have a similar story to share? Write to us at info@weddingwishlist.com and we will feature you. And if you are an engaged couple looking to get married, then don’t forget to create a gift registry so you can stay away from repetitive wedding gifts. 

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