Food & Travel Blogger Couple on How to Manage Wedding Gifts

Merin and Andrew, an Indian couple who love everything food and travel, tied the knot in December 2019. While the world might have been a different place back then, what they did with their wedding gift registry is still relevant to the current world scenario. While weddings are getting virtual, wedding gifts are here to stay. Now more than ever, there is a need to go digital with wedding gifts.

Here’s what this food blogger couple did to minimise waste with their wedding gifts!

Merin & Andrew on Wedding Gifts
Merin & Andrew on Wedding Gifts

They created a gift registry

“When I came across a news piece on Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas creating a registry, I was intrigued. During the same time, I heard that my sister’s friend also created a gift registry. I was happy to know that a celebrity trend of creating a gift registry was also something I could do for my wedding.” said Merin excitedly. She immediately found India’s first wedding gift registry for wedding gifts and explored the available options. 

Why did they create a gift registry?

“A friend called me a couple of days before the wedding to tell me that she had decided to buy me a suitcase since we loved to travel and would be doing more trips post the wedding. I told her not to buy one since I had already added that to my personal list of things to buy,” said Merin. It was at that moment that Merin and Andrew realised the importance of a gift registry. “We knew that our guests wouldn’t be able to guess the stuff that we need so putting a wedding wishlist together was actually the best idea,” said Merin.

What did Andrew and Merin add to their wedding gift registry?

“Andrew and I were moving into a new house and one of the first things one needs is a kitchen. Besides, with a never-ending love for food, it was important that our kitchen had all the stuff we needed.” With their interest in travel, one would imagine that they would have added a lot of travel accessories too but that’s not what the couple has in mind. 

Merin & Andrew's Wedding
Merin & Andrew’s Wedding

How did they manage to convince guests to use the wedding gift registry?

“There was no convincing needed. We just had to explain the process and they were good to go. Another thing we also did was to allocate a certain category of wedding gifts to our friends alone.” said Merin. With the contribute feature on Wedding Wishlist, a guest doesn’t have to fully buy the gift. They can make contributions to a particular gift instead of buying it too. “We have a big friend’s circle and they all wanted to pool in money to buy us something valuable for the wedding. So we had to then leave out all the smaller value gifts for the guests and the higher value gifts for the couples.” 

How did Merin and Andrew meet?

One might ask how this smart couple met. Here’s how their story goes. Merin and Andrew belonged to the same college but had never really spoken. Once college was over, placements began and they ended up in the same company. “Once the initial training was over, luck played it’s game and we were placed together in the same city, Pune. Since he was the only person I knew in this new city, we got a chance to get to know each other. Turns out we had very similar tastes in food, travel and gaming.” said Merin. They bonded over these things and ended up becoming the best of friends. 

How did he propose to her? 

Andrew Proposing Merin
Andrew Proposing Merin

“One day I decided to ask him what was going on with the two of us. While I expected him to say something on the lines of ‘we are just best friends’ he ended up confessing his feelings for me. I didn’t think it was such a bad idea to date him since we shared a mutual love for gaming, food and travel. We started dating and two and a half years later he popped the question. I planned a trip with my sister and he ended up self inviting himself to that trip. I knew then that he was up to something but I decided to go with the flow. We took a surprise trip to Rishikesh. A thrilling white water rafting ride later he went down on one knee to propose and I had to say yes.

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